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HDMI 1.3 vs. HDMI 1.4

by Product Specialist

HDMI 1.3 vs. HDMI 1.4


Hi I'm Jerry from OneCall and I'm going to be talking about the High Definition Multimedia Interface cable or HDMI which is a single cable that passes both your audio and video through the same cable.

The first version of the HDMI cable that I can talk to you about is the version 1.3; it’s actually faster than previous versions with increased bandwidth to connect to your HD sources such as a Blu-ray player or high definition cable box or satellite system. An upgrade from previous versions, HDMI 1.3 offers deeper color that gives you better detail and a wider range of overall color reproduction. Another nice feature of HDMI 1.3 cables is they have multiple different kinds of connections. They have what's called a Mini HDMI and that's for connections to HD camcorders, digital cameras or other smaller portable HD devices.

With the increased bandwidth available in HDMI 1.3 has helped to eliminate any of your lip sync issues of the past as well as with the HD lossless audio formats such as Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio, it really does give you a nice uncompressed audio format.

I often get asked what are the benefits or differences between a 1.3 and a 1.4 HDMI cable, well for most of your standard HD content your 1.3 version cable would be more than ample, it'll be able to pass all of your audio and video they've done great upgrading to where you'll eliminate sync issues and things of that nature but all this new content that's coming out; especially in the 3D world, you actually do need to have that 1.4 HDMI cable. It allows the cable to pass different sources of video content along with all of your uncompressed audio and just helps eliminate all of lip sync issues that were ever in the past versions. Personally as everything is heading toward more high definition, bigger, better resolutions I would recommend going to the 1.4 cable since it's not going to hurt anything and it's definitely a step in the right direction. Another upgrade is called the audio return channel which allows you to send and receive audio signals from the TV to the receiver all within the same HDMI connection.

Future HDMI 1.4 applications include shared network connections between HDMI 1.4 compatible devices and also IP based applications, will also support DLNA, liquid HD as well as others and will support the new 3D format and resolutions from 4K all the way down to 2K resolutions which is technically 4 times larger than the standard 1080p sets that we have now. With HDMI's 1.4 increased bandwidth it's a perfect connection to those new digital camera genera's. It offers more rich, natural and more lifelike colors from all of the new HD digital cameras. HDMI 1.4 also supports a new micro connector which allows you to connect with smaller HD devices all the way down from your small cell phones or the small digital HD camcorders.

This is Jerry from OneCall if you want to learn more about HDMI cables just give us a call we always like to hear from our customers. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter for the latest updates and deals from OneCall. Thanks for watching.