Yamaha Pocketrak PR7 | Linear PCM recorder w/Overdub

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The Yamaha PocketRak PR7 is an ultra–portable, linear, PCM recorder that delivers high–quality recordings anytime you need them. With crossed XY stereo microphones, the PR7 delivers consistently natural sound and exceptional quality. Featuring an onboard tuner and metronome, overdubbing and marker editing, all accessed from a simple, intuitive interface. And with five optimized presets, your recordings will have studio quality sound anytime, anywhere.

Details from Yamaha

    Newly Developed Crossed XY Stereo Microphone
    The PR7's large onboard XY stereo mics are aligned with the left and right mics on the same axis. Using this configuration, both mics are always equidistant from a sound source, providing perfect localization with no phase shifting. Additionally, the well designed microphone covers enhance the performance of the diaphragm resulting in superb stereo recordings with natural depth and precise stereo imaging.

    24–bit/96kHz Recording
    Linear PCM recording at 24–bit/96kHz far exceeds CD sound quality, allowing users to faithfully capture the atmospheric reverberations and most subtle nuances of a performance. The PR7 can also record in various formats allowing for more lengthy recordings.

    Mic / Line Input
    External mic and line inputs can accommodate a variety of external input sources such as condenser microphones or keyboards.

    Rec Presets
    The PR7 features five recording presets with optimized HPF and dynamics control settings tailored to the varying requirements of different recording environments. The OFF setting is ideal for capturing musical performances, NEAR is suitable for personal instrument practice, BAND is best suited for multi–instrumental performances, FIELD is best for outdoor recordings and SPEECH is for meetings, seminars or other speaking engagements.

    HPF and Dynamics Control
    PR7's HPF settings allow you to minimize the popping noise caused by wind pressure from vocals or outdoor recordings, while dynamics control lets you adjust input levels to avoid distortion.

    Easy Overdubbing
    The PR7 comes equipped with a dedicated overdubbing button that allows you to instantly add solo sections, harmonies, or narration to an existing file. You can even punch in and punch out at specific parts of an audio file to ensure that only the parts you need, such as a chorus or a solo, are committed to the file.

    Marker Editing during Recording and Playback
    Marker editing is a useful function that allows users to insert up to 36 markers in audio files either during recording or playback, providing easy location of a playback position. Markers can also be used to loop a specific section of a file to aid users in practicing or learning a specific phrase or part of the song.

    Tuner and Metronome
    The PR7 features onboard Tuner and Metronome functions that are useful for everyday practice

    Adjustable Playback Speed
    PR7 allows you to adjust playback speed from 50% up to 200% while maintaining consistent pitch throughout. Slower playback can help musicians master more challenging phrases while faster playback allows users to quickly scan through lengthy recordings.

    WaveLab LE Audio Editing Software
    WaveLab LE software provides 2–track audio editing with professional EQ and dynamics processing for mastering or enhancing your tracks. You can even upload your audio files to the web using the dedicated podcasting function. *Access code for free download included in package

    Pre–recording Function
    By continually recording into a three–second memory buffer, the PR7 allows you to start recording a few seconds before you actually press the record button. Never miss those crucial first notes, sounds, or phrases again.

    29.5 Hours of Battery Life at PCM 16–bit/44.1kHz
    Using only a single AAA battery, the PR7 can support continuous recording for approx. 44 hours at MP3 and up to 29.5 hours using the PCM 16–bit/44.1kHz format.

    2GB Built–in Memory and micro SD/SDHC Card Slot
    The PR7 has high–capacity built in memory so you can start recording right out of the box. It also features a micro SD/SDHC card slot for up to 32GB of storage allowing you to record approximately 50 hours of audio at 16–bit/44.1 kHz.

    Easily Mounted on Tripod
    The PR7 can be mounted easily on a standardized tripod to enable more versatility with mic placement options. Mounting on a mic stand is also possible using a simple adapter.

    Built–in Speaker
    An onboard speaker allows you to instantly listen to your recording immediately after you've captured it.


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