Y-Cam BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Monitor your baby from the cloud.
    Something as precious as your little one needs every coo, fuss, or cry to be heard and seen. BabyPing give you access to your babies room from anywhere you have a wi–fi connection via, your Apple devices. An integrated microphone allows you to hear as well as visually see what is happening in the room. Constant–Connect™ keeps you reliably informed and will send an alert when necessary. Make the most of your sleep, and your baby’s with BabyPing.

Details from Y-Cam

    Smart Filter™
    Cuts out background noise and static
    The BabyPing Smart Filter™ cuts out background noise and static to give unsurpassed audio quality.

    With this next generation baby monitor, there is no need to fill your life with static feedback while you try and sleep, as BabyPing will only alert you when your baby cries.

    Want to hear absolutely everything? Turn Smart Filter™ off and hear everything that the BabyPing monitor can.

    Instant alerts, even in the background
    You want to be in constant touch with your baby, and BabyPing lets you do exactly that through its built–in technology.

    Constant–Connect™ works like an invisible tether between your iOS device and the BabyPing Video Monitor – instantly alerting you to baby cries, or letting you know if there are network problems – meaning you are always in the know.

    Whether you are on a call, watching a movie, or playing a game, BabyPing uses its unique Constant–Connect™ technology to alert you and keep you reliably informed.

    Simple to use & setup
    Connect in seconds – easy as ABC!
    BabyPing has been designed for parents like you. Busy parents, who need to streamline their daily bulk to focus on your little bundle of joy.

    We know you don’t have time to read a 100–page manual, you probably don’t even have time to eat right now – which is why BabyPing has been engineered to be super simple to setup and intuitive to use.

    Our five step set–up allows you to be monitoring your baby in minutes, not hours, giving you more time to take care of the important things in life.

    Invisible night vision
    Crystal clear vision around–the–clock
    BabyPing lets you view your baby whatever time of day or night it is – thanks to its automatic night vision which switches on whenever it detects darkness.

    Plus, unlike other baby monitors, our night vision is invisible, so there is no light or glow to disturb your babies sleep – or yours!

    Zero Interference
    Won’t zap your Wi–Fi like other monitors
    Ofcom, the UK communications regulatory authority, found that radio signals given off by traditional baby monitors are the number one source of Wi–Fi interference in urban areas.

    As BabyPing uses your Wi–Fi network to operate, it doesn’t send off or receive any extra signals – so you’ll never hear taxi or motorcycle radios as they drive past your home or pick up your neighbours baby monitor by accident, and most importantly, your own Wi–Fi usage won’t be affected.

    Double–layer security
    You no longer have to worry that your neighbour with the same brand of baby monitor as you can accidentally hear yours.

    BabyPing is the latest in technology, but we’re already thinking ahead about your family’s security. The BabyPing Video Monitor offers complete privacy and peace of mind thanks to its double–layer security system – leading encryption methods, plus password protection, insures you have total control over who can access your monitor.

    Alerts to suit you
    Audio, vibration and on–screen alerts
    A crying baby in the middle of the night echoing through a baby monitor can disturb an entire household, so the BabyPing app allows you to go into vibrate or silent mode, so you can be alerted how you want to be.

    The BabyPing Smart Filter™ will also cut out background noise, so even if you have the audio turned up, you will only be disturbed if your baby cries.

    Full colour video
    See your baby in high resolution video
    The BabyPing Video monitor comes equipped with a high resolution camera, allowing you to see your baby clearly. Thanks to its invisible night vision, even pictures in complete darkness have clarity and definition that puts traditional baby monitors to shame.

    The crisp, clear full colour images of BabyPing allow you to view your baby like you want to – why settle for blurry?

    No Computer Needed!
    Use and setup direct from your iOS device
    Thiink using BabyPing will be difficult? Think again. BabyPing is so advanced you don’t even need a computer to set it up or view it – it’s all done straight from your iOS device.

    What’s more, the BabyPing monitor connects to your Wi–Fi network and works without you needing any additional equipment or dongles, or computers to be left on.

    No computers, no fuss. This is the future right here.


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