What You Need to Know About Subwoofers

Top Three Questions We're Asked About Subwoofers

  • What’s a subwoofer?
  • Why do I need one?
  • Which one is right for me?
First of all a subwoofer is simply a dedicated bass speaker and can be added to any system. Subwoofers are available in a number of different sizes, some are smaller, some are larger, they come in different colors and shapes as well as different design configurations. For instance this woofer here is what’s known as an acoustic suspension woofer. The box is completely sealed this provides the least amount of bass distortion and takes the biggest box for a given amount of volume output. This is what’s known as a ported woofer design it allows us to get that same amount of woofer output in a little bit smaller enclosure. This subwoofer here is what’s known as a passive radiator design, it is a sealed box with a woofer on the front and a radiator on either side of the box. This allows us to get the most bass output out of the smallest enclosure.
As you can see looking at the back of this subwoofer here, most subwoofer manufacturers will give you controls to allow you to fine tune the woofer to your room and speakers. Another thing to consider when choosing a subwoofer is what type of connections are on the back of the amplifier I’m going to connect it to. This particular model has connections for just about any application.
Some variations on woofer design will point this woofer at the floor then rather out into the room. When choosing a subwoofer take into account the size of your room, a larger room needs more output if you’re listening to your music or movies at higher output levels you may need even multiple subwoofers.
The higher quality your movie or music system is, keep in mind you’ll want a woofer with lower distortion.
As to why you might want to add a subwoofer to your system. Even the best speakers available today are challenged to reproducing the lowest frequencies, adding a subwoofer will allow you to feel the emotion and drama the artist or filmmaker may have intended.
Another option that manufacturer’s are making available for their subwoofers is a wireless transmitter that allows us to plug our subwoofer in wherever we want to in the room and transmit the bass signal to it wirelessly via the adapter. A subwoofer will enhance the listening experience with any audio system it adds the depth and realism that you just can’t get without it.