What is a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

We carry HRT, Peachtree Audio, and Music Hall digital to analog converters. A digital to analog converter is a device that turns all of the binary 1’s and 0’s we have stored in our iPod, on a computer or on a CD and turns that into an analog signal that we can actually hear. The reason you want to convert digital to analog is our stereo systems don’t play in digital, our amplifiers don’t amplify in digital, our speakers don’t play in digital, and we don’t hear in digital so we have to convert it to analog first.

The benefit to having a high quality outboard digital to analog converter like these is better sound. You’ll get better dynamics, better detail, better sound staging thanks to the fact that these all feature a better conversion chips, better power supplies, and better output circuitry than what’s already in your iPod, home theater or most CD players.
Let me explain to you some of the differences between the different digital to analog converters. The HRT iStreamer is iPod specific, plug your iPod on to side, the other side into your stereo and away you go. The Peachtree audio iDac has a pure digital iPod dock on the top, it also has USB, coaxial and fiber optic inputs on the back for connection to a cable box, a CD player, a Blu-ray and a computer and standard RCA audio output jacks to connect into your home stereo. The Music Hall DAC25.3 is unique among the DACs that we carry in that it has a 6922 output tube. It also features XLR, fiber optic and coaxial inputs for digital audio and has both RCA and XLR outputs for connection to your stereo system. It’s aimed more at the audiophile with a high quality CD transport, or wants to use their computer as a music server.

The bottom line is with an upgraded digital to analog converter like these you’re going to enjoy better sound, and that’s what it’s all about.