VARTA AA 40pack High Energy Batteries


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    Your devices are hungry. Feed them the right batteries for the energy they need to keep toys, wireless mice, flashlights, motion detectors, and everything else powered up and ready for use. With 80% more power than other batteries, and a 10–year shelf–life, Varta High Energy AA Batteries are perfect for powering battery–operated devices.

Details from Varta

    Powerful Energy

    High Energy is the most powerful in VARTA's battery range. Developed especially for use in devices such as toys, computer equipment, flashlights or presence detectors, VARTA High Energy offers the powerful energy needed for devices with flexible high energy consumption.


Features & Specs

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Detailed Specifications
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  • VARTA Type: 04906
  • Reference IEC: LR6
  • Battery Size: AA
  • Electrochemical System: Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN/MNO2)
  • Voltage: 1.5 V

  • Applications
  • 1: Remote Controls for TVs and Music Systems
  • 2: Wall Clocks
  • 3: Radios
  • 4: etc.
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