Universal Remote Control MRX–8 | Network Controller

  • One Touch Instant Entertainment
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Up To 32 Audio/Video Zones
  • 6 Adjustable IR Ports


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Universal Remote Control

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    It’s easy to achieve Smart Home status when you have the Universal Remote MRX8 Compact System controller. Simple, yet powerful automation for your home, the MRX8 can take control of your wireless lighting, streaming music players, thermostats, door locks, security and so much more. Want to lock the doors, pull the shades, dim the lights, and start movie night? The MRX8 can control up to 32 audio/video zones of the home and create/store macros and commands for your IP, IR, RS–232, Relay, Sensor and 12V devices, all in one place. Do you ever leave the house and feel like you left a light on or didn’t lock the front door? Use your smartphone to access presets that lock all doors, shut off lights, and turn off music in every room. Give yourself one less thing to stress about and move on with your day. Home automation was never so easy.

Details from Universal Remote Control

    The Perfect Start To Your Home's Smarts

    Total Control®, URC's most popular system has very BIG news. Our latest central controller breaks all barriers for your entry into enjoying a smart home. The MRX–8 is an ideal way to make the move to adding simple yet powerful automation to your home. Small in size but huge on value, this piece sits in any room or a central equipment rack and delivers robust control of your entertainment, lights, security, door locks, temperature and more. Ideal for small to mid–range homes, offices, and condos, this robust control center stores and issues control commands for all your components throughout the house over your home network.

    Excellent Expansion

    Possibilities for you to take total control are vast with the MRX–8. Your URC pro can easily add on other products including URC LED or Vivido™ wireless lighting, streaming music players from URC, Sonos® and others, thermostats and beyond. As your family expands or other lifestyle changes occur, there's no need to replace this unit. Control multiple devices all at once with a button press. Adjust the thermostat, dim lights, drop shades and start Junior's movie even if you're not at home. Mom and Dad will be thrilled to reduce the amount of time and thought it takes to leave the house with presets that lock all doors and shut off lights and music in every room. No need to check. It's a push on a remote or smart phone.

    Superior Service

    Thanks to the MRX–8's offsite programming feature, you typically won't have to wait at home until your installer arrives for service, saving time. Your URC pro can program and make updates from their shop giving you scheduling flexibility and convenience. The MRX–8 offers rock–solid reliability, phenomenal features and limitless control possibilities all at URC's most affordable whole–house solution price.

    One Touch, Instant Entertainment

    Be the master of all your entertainment with powerful home theater control. Push a button and the screen turns on, the disc player displays your movie of choice, the surround sound comes to life, and the lights go down to start the show – no need to think, just enjoy.

    Superior Sound, All Around

    Enjoy access to all of your favorite music, regardless of the format–CDs, internet music and more. Stream the same tune throughout the house–or a different song in every room. Browse your iPod® by artist, cover art, song or genre from any touch screen, TV or keypad. And all the while, the music retains its full original quality.

    Light Up Your Life

    Set the mood – Turn on, off, and dim house lights individually or all at once. Create room lighting scenes on demand, or that activate automatically, even when you're not around. Delight in the perfect ambiance while conserving electricity.

    Safe And Secure, At Home Or Away

    Gain instant peace of mind from anywhere – inside or outside your home. Our friendly, simple interface enables one touch "arm or disarm," and shows any zone of your security system at a glance. Using your iPad® or iPhone® and our surveillance cameras you can stay posted on everything happening in your home and in the yard.


  • Excellent choice for entry into home automation and control for A/V, lights, shades, thermostats, door locks, security and more.
  • Controls up to 32 audio/video zones or areas of the home.
  • Stores and issues commands and macros for all IP, IR, RS–232, Relay, Sensor and 12V controlled devices in one system.
  • Provides two–way feedback from URC Total Control line products in most all cases.
  • Expandable via LAN with URC sub-base stations MRX–2, MRX–4IR and MRX–4SEN
  • Ethernet: One 10/100 Base T (Indicator LED)
  • IR: Six (6) variable IR outputs
  • RS–232: Two (2) ports (support TX, RX and GND two–way communication)
  • URC RFTX–1: Output Port: One (1) (shared IR)
  • Relay: One (1) dry relay configurable to be NO, NC or Momentary
  • Sensors: Two (2) sensor ports support all URC sensors
  • Compatible with URC's TRF–ZW1 for control of a thousand Z–Wave®–enabled products


Features & Specs

Manufacturer's Warranty
    2 Year Limited
Detailed Specifications
    Tech Specs
  • Network: One 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Relay: One relay configurable to be NO, NC or Momentary
  • Sensor: Two Sensors support Video (SEN–VID), Voltage (SEN–VOLT), Audio (SEN–AUD), Current (SEN–CMF), Light (SEN–LITE), and Contact Closure (SEN–CCLS) sensors.
  • RS–232: Two RS–232 ports support TX, RX and GND two–way communication via URC cables.
  • IR: Six adjustable IR ports enable the included URC emitters to control IR devices Note: 6th IR Output requires the included sleeved emitter (identified by a pink connector), since it can optionally be used to connect an RFTX–1.
  • Power: 12V External Power Supply
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 9.76"
  • Height: 1.10"
  • Depth: 4.72"
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs


Included Coverage from Universal Remote Control: 2 Year Limited

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