Universal Remote Control MRF350 & RFX250 Addressable Base


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Universal Remote Control

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Details & Highlights

Details from Universal Remote Control

    Improved spurious adjacent signal rejection
    The MRF-350 receives Narrow Band RF (radio frequency) signals via the RFX-250 RF Sensor (antenna module). The RFX-250 displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present. Simply relocate the RFX-250 out of the interference area to resolve the problem.
    Note: This product is compatible with MX-3000, TX-1000, MX-950 and MX-900 remote controls only.

    Expand range by adding RFX-250 RF Sensors in remote areas
    The MRF-350 can power up to three RFX-250 RF Sensors connected in parallel to the RF Input connector.

    Variable IR output matches rear panel inputs
    The MRF-350 is equipped with adjustable IR line outputs. Each output can be individually matched to rear panel IR inputs on any component that is designed to be operated by a standard IR repeater. The outputs utilize a 3.5 mm jack.

    Control six identical components or zones a?? Up to fifteen MRF-350s in the same installation
    The MRF-350 has six "addressable" IR Line Outputs. For example, you can control up to six identical TVs with one MRF-350 or route volume commands for a specific zone to a particular zone IR input on a multi-zone pre-amp. If you have more than six identical components or zones, up to 15 MRF-350s can be separately installed to control thema??thereby allowing up to 90 identical components or zones in one house.

    The MRF-350 is compatible with the MX-3000, TX-1000, MX-950 and MX-900 (only). Each can be programmed to specifically control components in a particular room by installing a base station at each location. In operation, it s simple: when you select a device located in the Den, the remote only send commands to the Den. When you select a device located in the Family Room, the remote only sends commands to it.

    IR Input for multi-zone loop through, keypads or IR repeater systems
    The MRF-350 s rear panel IR input will relay IR data from IR repeaters or multi-zone keypads to all IR line outputs (does not support IR routing). The 5V, 100mA output will power some keypads directly.

    Features and Benefits
    "No More Pointing"
    RF Addressable
    IR Routing
    Expand operating range up to 100 feet
    Compatible remotes: MX-3000, TX-1000, MX-950 and MX-900 only.
    Compatible RF Sensors (antennas): RFX-250 only.

    RFX-250 RF Sensor (antenna module)
    The RFX-250 receives radio signals from a remote control and relays them via cable back to the MSC-400 master System Controller or MRF-350 Base Station. Advanced Narrow Band receiving circuitry provides longer range and minimizes interference, providing for more reliable system operation. Its compact size enables the RFX-250 to be placed out of sight.

    The RFX-250 displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present. Simply relocate the RFX-250 out of the interference area. The RFX-250 is separately mounted in the interference-free location and connected to the MSC-400 or MRF-350 base station by a three conductor cable up to 150 feet away.

    By combining additional RFX-250 antenna modules in parallel using a three conductor wire connected to a centrally located base station, custom installers can extend "no more pointing" RF automation to all areas and rooms of even the largest estates.

    One RFX-250 Narrow Band RF Sensor is included with the MSC-400 Master System Controller and with the MRF-350 Multi-Zone RF Base Station. Additional units can be purchased separately.

    Note: The RFX-250 uses Narrow Band RF and is perfectly tuned and matched to operate with the MX-3000, TX-1000, MX-950 and MX-900 remote controls. It is not compatible with any other remotes.


Features & Specs

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Detailed Specifications
    MRF-350 Specifications
    Size: 8.5 x 3.875 x 1.375
    Weight: 4 oz (Mounting bracket and six emitter/flashers included)
    RF Freq: 418MHz
    Range: RF - Up to 100 feet.
    IR Flasher: Outputs: 3.5mm Mono Mini Jack
    Power Supply: 9V 300mA/110V 60Hz (included)

    RFX-250 Specifications
    Size: 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.0
    Weight: 3.5 oz (Mounting bracket included)
    RF Freq: 418MHz
    Range: RF - Up to 100 feet
  • Approximate range will vary depending upon operational and environmental conditions
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