Universal Remote Control Buyers Guide

A universal remote is an item which can be programmed to operate a number of consumer audio/visual devices from a distance. They are useful because you can control what is going on in your home theater with the one remote. Typically, when you purchase an item such as a DVD player, home stereo or HDTV, each will come with its own remote control. Creating a complete home entertainment unit can result in your living room becoming home to four or five separate remotes and can lead to confusion as you have to keep track of where each one is as well as their functions. Purchasing a universal remote and programming it to operate everything in your home theater is a much simpler alternative. Remove the clutter from your living room and make watching movies or listening to music a much more enjoyable experience. Through this, a universal remote will change your life for the better.
While each model of universal remote is designed to do the same thing, they can come with a variety of features allowing them to fulfill their function in slightly different ways. One key choice that you have is whether to purchase an RF (radio frequency) or IR (infrared) model. The majority of electronic products operate using IR signals and a remote capable of transmitting these will be immediately compatible with a huge number of devices. However, IR has one main limitation. The user generally has to have line-of-sight with the object in order to control it via the remote. RF models do away with this limitation, but a separate device called an RF wireless extender which converts the RF signals to IR is required. With one of these products, you can operate your television, DVD player, and stereo even if these devices are packed up neatly in a cupboard or located within another room.
While a universal remote has a large number of benefits, setting it up can be a difficult procedure. Most people typically go to the experts to configure these devices, though the technologically-minded will be able to complete the process with no problems. Some manufacturers get around this complication by allowing their remotes to be set up via the Internet. Simply plug the remote into a computer and the built-in software will guide you through the steps required to get it fully functional with all of your devices. While this still requires some knowledge of computers, it is a far easier process than using the remote itself for manual configuration. However, you will need to know exactly what your model of TV set, games console, DVD player, and digital media receiver is so that you can configure the remote properly. This is because each device has a different code allowing it to communicate with the remote.
To purchase one of these products, you will first have to conduct some research as to which one is the best for you. Each brand works slightly differently and both the set up procedure and operating methods can vary. Some of these products even have touch screens so that you can navigate your way around your home entertainment system with ease. Make sure that you look through a range of items first before you decide on a particular model. In this way, you can find a universal remote that is compatible with all the components within your home theater and that is easy to set up as well. OneCall offers a wide variety of universal remotes and information on those products so that you can get educated!