THUMP 3.5 | 3.5mm Bluetooth Adapter


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Product Highlights

    You are a wire hater and love the freedom of your THUMP™ BLU wireless headset. You won't go back to the snag and tangled filled world of wired headphones. Forget it. The question is how to connect to all your favorite AV toys. The TV, Treadmill, iPod (Nano) and Boom box all have great entertainment value, but no Bluetooth.

Details from THUMP

    THUMP 3.5 is the answer. A rechargeable Bluetooth transmitter that is simple to use and universally connectable to your entertainment equipment. THUMP designed the THUMP 3.5 to enable any non'Bluetooth device to connect to any Bluetooth headphone or speaker. We are passionate converts to the wireless world and have been using the Thump3.5 for some time during development and test. We are so excited to share it with you and know that you are going to love how it extends the freedom of wireless further into your life. It is one more step towards the solution you need to not need wired headphones any more.


    An internal rechargeable battery provides 6'8 hours of use so you can listen just about all day on a single charge. THUMP 3.5 is eay to pair with your favorite device, and works with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack.


    Connect to a TV for private listening at home or while traveling in a hotel. You can also THUMP 3.5 with exercise equipment, like a treadmill to enjoy snag free workouts. It will even connect to a iPod (Nano)/MP3 player to enjoy all your favorite music without the wires


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