ThinkTank SlingOMatic 30 Sling Style Backpack


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Details from ThinkTank

    Gear access always stays on top, when the Sling–O–Matic 30 is in front, no matter which shoulder the bag is carried over. Part of the challenge of creating a "reversible" sling bag is to make sure that the access door to the photo equipment faces up when the bag is swung forward. No complex reconfiguration of the Sling–O–Matic is required. Simply flip the bag over, open it up and start taking great photos!

    Fits a DSLR with up to a 70–200 f2.8 attached and the lens hood in shooting position! Sling–O–Matic 30 can also accommodate some pro size DSLR camera bodies with a lens attached.

    Discreetly stylized to avoid obviously appearing like a camera bag. Going incognito is important when carrying expensive photo equipment. Like other Think Tank bags, the Sling–O–Matic is all black on the outside so it won't attract too much attention when the equipment is stowed away.

    Up to a medium sized tripod can be carried on one side using the included tripod straps. Each Sling–O–Matic 30 includes two fully adjustable straps that attach to small, but secure, fabric loops on either side of the long pocket. Depending on the size of the tripod legs, one or two of the legs can be inserted into the long pocket for additional stability.

    Some small tripods can simply be carried in the long pocket, without using the tripod straps. Long side pocket for carrying a large water bottle or other bulky accessories. Large handles on three sides help to swing the bag around or just carry it in hand. Wide zippered pockets on front, back, and side for carrying a newspaper, airline boarding passes, or other items. Business card pocket on the top for carrying a short stack of business cards.

    Attach the included "chest strap" for additional stability while walking around. The adjustable side of the chest strap can be used as a waist strap, if preferred. A small pocket on the bottom of the Sling–O–Matic is available for storing any of the removable straps. A selection of padded dividers are included to partition the Sling–O–Matic 30's interior for different types of gear. A seam–sealed rain cover is included for protecting the Sling–O–Matic 30 and its contents from heavy rain, dust or snow.


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