Explained: TV Wall Mount Brackets

Hi I’m Jerry from OneCall and I’d like to talk to you about a few different wall mount options for you for wall mounting your flat screen TVs.

There are three different styles or types of wall mount brackets and they are; a fixed, a tilt, as well as a cantilever wall mount bracket.

Let’s start with the fixed bracket. There are different types of fixed brackets varying in size down from you 19-inch TV variety all the way up to your 65-inch TV variety. What makes that possible is universal rails where they can actually slide along the main plate and then you will actually lift these off, bolt them to the TV and then put them right back on the wall and then lock them in place using the main lock. One of the reasons the lock nice is if you do have a high traffic area and somebody bumps the TV it will protect the panel as well as the bracket. Now these brackets are best for dedicated viewing areas where you don’t have to adjust the TV you just sit, turn it on and enjoy.

The next bracket I’d like to talk to you about is a tilt bracket. Similar to the fixed it actually offers varying sized brackets for a 19-inch TV up to a 65-inch TV, and also similar in the fact it will lift from the wall, you bolt that to the TV, then put it right back on there and lock it down into place just securing the TV. Now what’s nice about a tilt bracket is it gives you a lot more flexibility where you can actually wall mount them higher up or above a fireplace and then allowing the bracket to tilt down almost to a 45 degree angle and why that’s important it is will help eliminate a lot of your glare or reflection in an ambient lit room.
Another type of wall mount bracket is called the cantilever arm, it’s actually the most flexible wall mount bracket of all of the categories. What makes that flexible is it gives you multiple pivot locations where you can actually pull the TV out away from the wall as well as compressing it almost all the way close to the wall. They come in varying sizes from you smaller panels like your 15-inch, 19-inch TV all the way up to your larger panel of the 65-inch variety or larger. Another nice feature is it actually does tilt down that will also help eliminate glare. Probably one of the most common uses for a cantilever arm is for mounting your TV in a corner. So right where it’s in the corner the TV gives that nice illusion of floating out into space right in that area is the best way to get a TV in a corner. As you can see all of the cantilevers are fluid in motion and are very effortless to adjust. This also presents a cable management to keep your cables secure and right next to the bracket when in motion.

All three styles or types of wall mount brackets also come in low profile versions, now that is important because you can actually keep the TV close to the wall. Some manufacturers actually offer a ultra slim wall mount bracket which allows you to hang your TV just like a picture on your wall.

This is Jerry from OneCall if you want to learn more about this item give us a call we always like to talk with our customers. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter for the latest updates and deals from OneCall. Thanks for watching.