Tascam CD–200iL | Pro CD Player w/ iPod / iPhone dock

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The CD–200iL is able to playback a wide breadth of file format from either CD tray or iPhone/iPod® 30–pin/lightning dock for a high fidelity sound solution for your equipment rack. A retractable iPod dock is built into the front of the player, so that you can dock your iPods or iPhones with the 30–pin or Lightning connector. By bypassing the DACs of the iOS device, the pure digital signal passes through that of the CD–200iL with it's abilility for greater clarity and detail. Smooth ejection of the disc and stable tray allows TEAC CD tray to reduce jitter and take playback to epic level.

Details from Tascam

    Built–in 30–pin and Lightning Docking Station
    The CD–200iL is built with a retractable iPod dock on the front of the player. You can attach iPods or iPhones with the 30–pin dock or Lightning connector. With this new dual connector dock, the CD–200iL is compatible with any iPod or iPhone device making it ideal for users with varying iOS Devices. *Built–in 30–pin and Lightning Dock cannot be used at the same time.

    High–Quality Digital Connectivity with iOS Devices
    To help improve audio quality, the lower–grade digital to analog converters of the iOS device in–use are bypassed by the digital connection of the CD–200iL. It is also possible to vary playback speeds when in use with a compatible iOS app.
    * TEAC does not provide a playback application. Please acquire an application for playback from the App Store.
    * Regarding application specifications, contact the application developer.

    Stereo Mini Jack AUX Input for Other Portable Music Players
    The CD–200iL is designed with a stereo mini AUX IN connector on the front panel to allow compatibility with other non–Apple audio devices.

    High Quality CD–Drive Designed and Built for Audio by TEAC
    All models in the CD–200 series have CD drives designed for audio by TEAC. By undertaking development ourselves and including our drives in the player, we have achieved even higher reliability.

    Support for Numerous Audio Formats
    The CD–200iL is capable of playing a variety of audio files, not just audio CDs. TASCAM is constantly devoted to making products of quality, versatility and innovation and guaranteeing use in varying situations.

    10–seconds Shockproof Memory
    The 10–seconds shockproof memory prevents skipping from vibration and other disruptions. If a vibration lasts less than 10 seconds, data stored in the player's memory can be played back without skipping, preventing undesired interference.


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