Closer Look: Tamrac Camera Cases

The things I like about Tamrac bags is that they’re designed by people who use camera equipment out in the field, and that shows in their design because they are lightweight, easy to carry, offer great protection of your gear and quick access. Quick access is critical because you never know when those decisive photo moments are going to happen.

Most of these cases feature a Velcro lining and dividers that allow you to custom fit your gear into each bag. These dividers in the bag itself feature a closed cell foam padding which is shock and vibration resistant, this helps you protect your big investment. The material on the outside of Tamrac bags is an ultra-durable Codura Nylon, this is a strong material that is tear and snag resistant.

This case is the Tamrac Digital Zoom 4, it’s a holster style which is the most compact for carrying around an SLR with a single lens attached. What I like about this case is it gives you quick access to your gear, it holds it nice and snug, and also provides protection from the weather once the top latch is sealed. You have three ways to carry this case, the handle on top, removable shoulder strap, and belt loops on the back. It also features exterior accessory pouches for quick access to anything extra you want to carry.
This is the Tamrac Explorer 2, it’s a little bit bigger of a bag but it gives you enough room to fit both an SLR with a single lens, plus an additional lens or even a flash. What I like about this bag is that it also has the quick release on the front, which means getting to your gear is quick and easy. On the front of this case is a zippered accessory pouch, this gives you a place to put extra memory cards, batteries and chargers, manuals or anything else you might be carrying, and two ways to carry the case, both with a handle on top or with the shoulder strap provided.

This is the Tamrac Adventure 6 backpack, one thing I like about this bag is that it’s divided, so you can keep all your personal gear on top and the bottom part holds the camera gear. The bottom compartment can accommodate an SLR with one lens attached, and additional lens, and a flash. The thick padded straps offer extra comfort, and underneath them is a rubber coating to prevent slipping, there’s a chest strap and a waist strap for extra protection. On both sides of this bag are mesh accessory pouches these give you extra room for storage.