SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 | Black Ash Surround Speaker System

  • 2–Way Crossover With Premium–Grade Capacitors
  • Acoustically Transparent Grilles
  • Flush–Mounted Drivers
  • Impressive Deep, Clean Svs–Bass
SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Bundle Piano Gloss Speakers w/ SB-1000 Subwoofer
Black Gloss


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Match Made in Audio Heaven

    Arguably the most versatile speaker in the Prime family, the black ash Prime Satellite is perfect for a wide variety of applications, such as this multi–channel surround sound systems. Specifically designed to perfectly match the voicing and timbre this compact theater bundle erupts with high–fidelity audio of a much larger speakers. The system combines 5 of the SVS Prime Satellite speakers in black ash, orbiting your listening area, with the solid performance of the sealed cabinet of the SB–1000. Starting as a 5.1 system, but expandable to any combination of Prime or Ultra speakers this rock solid quintet and subwoofer will hit every note of your favorite playlist and render every explosion of the latest blockbuster movie.

Details from SVS

    Introducing The Prime Satellite 5.1 Package

    The Prime Series Satellites were designed to challenge speaker convention, leveraging SVS’s audio passion and expertise, they exceed everything you might expect from such a small and versatile speaker, providing a truly world class listening experience. No compromise. Paired with our acclaimed SB–1000 subwoofer and its 300 Watts of power, the 5.1 system delivers a complete multi–channel experience for movies and music: audiophile precision to hit every note and bring out every word, cinematic dynamics to bring scenes to life, all at an unprecedented value, and boasting a compact size to work in any room.

    Prime Satellite – Satellites Redefined: High–End Audio Gets Small

    From the moment you feel the weight of the Prime Satellite Speaker, it becomes clear that no satellite speaker has ever offered this level of audiophile design, high–end components and precise build quality. Jets thunder through the sky. Bullets graze your ears. Prime Satellites simply outclass the tiny and tinny surround speakers designed to be more form than performer. Prime Satellites revolutionize surround speakers—in fact, they employ many of the same components as their bigger brothers in the Prime and Ultra lines.

    Strategically placed, Prime Satellites create awe–inspiring realism and seamless sonic transitions from front– to–back and side–to–side. When the lights dim and the score fades in, they flood your room with dynamic audio realism and action. Painstakingly voiced and sonically matched, Prime Satellites are designed to blend with SVS towers, bookshelves, or in a system all their own for endless listening possibilities.

    SB–1000 Subwoofer: Impressive Deep, Clean Svs–Bass In An Inconspicuous 13" Cabinet

    Like a stick of dynamite, the SB–1000 is easy to conceal—but its impact hard to ignore. It’s the most SVS–bass that can be condensed into a 13” package. Pumping out loads of fast, clean, bottom end—action–scene punches hit you right in the gut. When it’s time to party, your music comes to life—bass lines are tight and drum beats never muddy. Elegantly finished in premium black ash, gloss piano black or gloss piano white, it fits with any décor. And yet, it’s small enough to tuck in a corner, if you need to keep it out of the way. To maximize the slam and impact of your home theater—with a minimal footprint—two SB–1000s can be paired—one on either side of your room. (Special discount available.) For big movie and music enjoyment, in a small package, go with the SB–1000.

    Soundmatch Crossover Intelligently Designed For Your Listening Room

    SVS' exclusive SoundMatch crossover sports premium–grade capacitors, air–core inductors, and heavy–trace printed circuit boards. All of these high–quality components yield lower distortion, tighter tolerances, better heat dissipation, and all around better sound. The 2–way crossover is uniquely tuned so each driver can blend perfectly each other while offering the best on and off–axis response, while maintaining phase coherency and razor sharp time domain behavior.


Features & Specs

    Prime Satellite 5.1 - Black Ash
Best Seller
Manufacturer's Warranty
    5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor - Carry In Service
Detailed Specifications
    General Specifications
  • Rated Bandwidth: 69 Hz–25 Khz (± Db)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 85 Db (2.83v @ 1 Meter Full–Space, 300–3khz)
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 20–150 Watts
  • Satellite Loudspeaker Specifications
  • 5–Way Binding Posts
  • 1” Wide–Flared Rear–Firing Port
  • Cloth Grille With Pin/Cup Retention System
  • Elastomer Stick–On Bumper Feet (Adds 3mm To Height)
  • Keyway Bracket For Easy And Convenient Wall Mounting (Includes Extra Bumper Pads For Wall Stand–Off)
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 8.75" (H) X 4.9" (W) X 6" (D)
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.85" (H) X 4.9" (W) X 6.3" (D) (Includes Grille And Bumper Feet)
  • Shipped Dimensions–2 Pack: 11.7" (H) X 13.9" (W) X 8.9" (D)
  • Shipped Dimensions 3 Pack: 11.7" (H) X 20.3" (W) X 8.9" (D)
  • Weight Unboxed: 6.5 Pounds
  • Shipped Weight 2 Pack: 14.7 Pounds
  • Shipped Weight 3 Pack: 21.7 Pounds
  • 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter Specs
  • Fea–Optimized Diffuser For Airy And Unveiled Presentation
  • Aluminum Dome Delivers Exceptional Transient Response And Exceptional Stiffness/Mass Ratio
  • 4.5” Woofer Specs
  • Polypropylene Cone For Excellent Stiffness/Mass Ratio And Pistonic Behavior
  • Aluminum Shorting Ring To Reduce Gap Inductance, Lower Distortion, And Enhance High Frequency Response

    Cast Abs–Fiberglass Composite Basket Ensures Precision Component Alignment And Excellent Thermal Transfer

    Vented Voice Coil Former Minimizes Air Compression Artifacts

    Crossover Specs
  • 2–Way Crossover With Premium–Grade Capacitors, Air–Core Inductors And Heavy–Trace Printed Circuit Boards
  • Crossover Network Delivers Outstanding Phase Coherency And Time Domain Behavior
  • Tweeter–To–Woofer Crossover: 2.3 Khz (12 Db/Octave Slopes)
  • Cabinet Specs
  • Acoustically Transparent And Fea Optimized Grilles Minimize Diffraction
  • Fea–Optimized Cabinet And Bracing Eliminates Resonances
  • Chamfered Front Baffle And Flush–Mounted Drivers Reduce Edge Diffraction And Improved On–Axis High Frequency Response
  • Dimensions (Shipping)
  • Width: 14"
  • Height: 22"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Weight: 71 Lbs
Product Bullets
  • 2–Way Crossover With Premium–Grade Capacitors
  • Acoustically Transparent Grilles
  • Flush–Mounted Drivers
  • Impressive Deep, Clean Svs–Bass


Included Coverage from SVS: 5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor - Carry In Service

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