SVS Dual SB13 Ultra | Black Oak 13" Subwoofers

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Details & Highlights

Details from SVS

    3 Ultra Driver – Optimized For Sealed Applications

    SVS optimized the famous Ultra 13 driver for a sealed application by revising the motor geometry and adding a unique voice coil along with a custom gap extension plate. The result is higher thermal power handling, a more symmetrical force/displacement profile, lower distortion, and increased linear stroke. Only SVS is willing to push the envelope this far to achieve the SB13–Ultra performance goals.
    • FEA–optimized motor with copper shorting sleeve to reduce gap induction and distortion.
    • Unique and optimized bifilar wound, 3" diameter, ultra–high–power aluminum voice coil.
    • Unique gap extension plate for additional linear stroke and reduced distortion.
    • Dual linear–roll spiders and stitched parabolic surround for extreme excursion capability.
    • Ultra–light and rigid Rohacell composite cone provides excellent transient response.
    Sledge Amplification – Intelligent and Sophisticated PowerSTA–1000D front 800

    The Sledge STA–1000D amplifier is a perfect match for the Ultra 13 driver, packing 1,000 watts of power and sophisticated DSP control. Comprehensive and extensive menu options are accessed via an intuitive single–knob interface with LCD display, allowing for easy set–up and integration into any home theater or stereo system.

    The amplifier equalization curve is specifically optimized for the SB13–Ultra, resulting in a gradual roll–off profile which provides superb transient response and extremely low group delay. This roll–off profile also takes the most advantage of available 'room gain', and under optimal conditions the SB13–Ultra can extend to 15 Hz or deeper in–room.
    • 1000 watts RMS continuous power (3600 watts peak dynamic power).
    • Efficient, cool–running Class D power with 'green' standby mode.
    • Equalization curve optimized for enhanced transient response and to complement room gain.
    • Stereo line–level RCA and balanced (XLR) I/O connections for the ultimate in connectivity.
    • DSP control for the ultimate in refined behavior under all operating conditions.
    • Extensive menu options and digital crossover allows easy integration into any 2–channel system.
    • Intuitive and easy to use single knob controller with bright LCD display.
    Premium Finishes, Handsome Styling, Versatile Placement Options, Easy Room Integration

    Available in premium real wood veneer black oak or stunning piano–gloss black, and protected by an attractive and durable curved metal grille – the handsomely styled SB13–Ultra will complement any upscale d�cor and high–end theaters. At just over 17" on all sides, the SB13–Ultra offers versatile placement options and easily integrates into your living space. Weighing in at 92 pounds, the SB13–Ultra is robustly built with extra–thick CNC cut panels for the ultimate in rigid and resonance–free construction.
    • Premium real black oak veneer or gorgeous piano gloss black finish options.
    • Handsome styling complements upscale d�cors.
    • Versatile placement options and easy integration into any living space.
    The SB13 Ultra – Calling All Audiophiles

    Almost clinical in accuracy, the SB13 Ultra will reveal subtle textures and nuances lesser subs simply ignore. With unmatched transient response, quarter notes and complex bass lines are all delivered with toe–tapping rhythm and pace. Dynamic range is outstanding, with kettle drum and deep piano key strikes rendered with stunning realism. In mid–size rooms with a modicum of room gain, deep extension is fathomless.

    In addition to its world–class music chops, the SB13–Ultra won't disappoint on movie night, shrugging off the most demanding DVD passages without breaking a sweat – always staying deep, clean, linear, and powerful.

    Go ahead, spin your favorite CDs, vinyl records and DVDs. You'll discover the SB13–Ultra personifies sonic synergy – where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Experience audio immersion at its finest – exclusively from SVS.


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