Sunfire Atmos XT Subwoofer - Dual 6.5-in. 1400 Watt


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Introducing Atmos™.
    When your legacy is hallmarked by so many critically acclaimed, luxury subwoofers, it would be easy to get stuck in 'play it safe' mode. But Sunfire takes the contrary approach. Instead of falling back on our heritage alone, Sunfire is a study in constant refinement and improvement. So, like every subwoofer we've ever developed, Atmos is the smallest, most powerful choice in its class. Only now, this milestone is reached by incorporating the most advanced materials and technology available to create a one–of–a–kind high fidelity experience. Limited in production and simply unrivaled in performance, this is the all–new XT Series Atmos subwoofer.

Details from Sunfire

    Plays well with others.
    For some, there's no such thing as too much bass. And nobody agrees with this more than the designers at Sunfire. Which is why they built Atmos with conveniently located master/slave connectors. With just one wire, you can easily add a second Atmos sub for enough bass to satisfy even the most ambitious thrill–seeker. Could that be you?

    Magnetic attraction.
    All voice coils deliver magnetic energy to their woofers. But, the Atmos voice coil goes one step further. Its atypical design features a unique combination of massive size and very light weight that delivers the punch and detail required for extremely accurate bass response. And isn't that exactly what you want your subwoofer to do?

    It's a story of epic proportions.
    A woofer of such magnitude produces stratospheric back–pressures — often as high as 24.4 PSI. That's good for sound — but it's also very bad for most cabinets. Which is why Atmos runs cool and reliable with a beautifully designed, incredibly tough and improbably small Aluminum cabinet that looks good anywhere.

    Remember David and Goliath?
    Sunfire's custom–designed 6.5" woofer handily outperforms every other similarly sized woofer in the world. But, did we mention it also takes on — and beats — virtually all of the industry's 10 and 12 inch models too? Extremely high output, remarkable fidelity and superior control– –never bet against the little guy.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
  • Amplifier Output
  • 1400 watts rms (3.3 Ω impedance)

  • High Cut Filter
  • 30 Hz – 100 Hz adjustable, with a "Bypass" position.

  • Frequency Response
  • 30 Hz – 100 Hz

  • Power Line Voltage US model
  • 100–120 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Fuse Rating 6A slow blow

  • Dimensions
  • Height 8.5 inches (21.6 cm)
  • Width 8.9 inches (22.6 cm)
  • Length 10.1 inches (25.7 cm)

  • Weight
  • 32 lbs (14.5 kg)

  • Line Power Consumption:
  • 330 watts average, at maximum continuous output. 0.5 watts at idle.
  • 1400 watts peak, time limited basis

  • Output Levels:
  • Greater than 106 dB peak SPL (includes room gain) from 35 Hz to 80 Hz. Measurement is one meter, anechoic.
  • A typical Sunfire subwoofer can be expected to beat its specified minimum peak SPL by several decibels.

  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Typically less than 1/10 of the fundamental between 18 to 80 Hz.

  • Input Sensitivity (full output):
  • 150 mVrms for full output with volume control at maximum, 600 mVrms with volume control at middle(0dB), no output with volume control at minimum.

  • Input Impedance:
  • 30 kΩ Line–Level Inputs

  • Driver: 6.5 inch
  • Extra large magnet and long throw mechanical design yield very high back–emf. The result is extraordinarily high operating efficiency – that is, more acoustic output for each watt of input.

  • Internal System Gain:
  • 50 dB from input jack to speaker with volume control at 0 dB, 62 dB with control
  • fully clockwise.

  • 12 VDC Trigger Input
  • Input voltage range: 5 –18 VDC
  • Impedance: approx 600 Ω (20 mA @ 12 V)
  • Removable terminal block.
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Included Coverage from Sunfire: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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