SunBriteTV SB3260 Black 32-inch Outdoor LCD TV


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Details from SunBriteTV

    Weather–proof materials are used in every component of SunBriteTVs. Stainless steel and galvanized metal parts are used throughout the TV to resist the corrosive effects of water and humidity. Protective gaskets, stripping, and grommets are specially selected to resist the harmful effects of salt air and sunlight. All models utilize an innovative watertight cable entry system and cable pass–through design that protects the cables and inputs from the elements. Even the powerful built–in 2–way 20–watt speakers are sealed against rain and moisture.

    Designed for use in Extreme Heat
    All SunBriteTV models are designed for permanent outdoor installation in extreme heat up to +122 degrees F. The TVs feature an internal climate control system which consists of temperature sensors and a filtered multi–fan airflow system that quietly keeps the unit cool to provide protection and long–life to the internal components. The larger models (46" and up) feature SunBrite´s unique Airflow System, using 4 large cylindrical fans for optimum cooling. This unique forced air system expels warm air and allows fresh air to come in, but keeps dirt, bugs, and moisture out.

    Anti–Glare Bright LCD Panels
    All SunBrite Models feature anti–glare LCD panels. Ever try to watch an indoor TV with the sun streaming through a window? If you sit close enough to the screen you can often see your reflection-like looking in a mirror. This is because most indoor TVs have a high gloss finish that enhances color performance. In the bright light of the outdoors, this reflective effect of the screen is greatly multiplied making it a challenge to see any picture at all. That´s why SunBrite TVs are equipped with LCD panels that have a high haze factor that help absorb the ambient light, making them resistant to this glare.

    Protective Front Screen
    All SunBrite Pro Line models include a protective front screen. This special design ensures that the LCD panel – the main component of the TV – is protected from potential damage. In the event that the impact is strong enough to damage the outer screen, the protective front screen can be cost–effectively replaced. This makes SunBrite Pro Series televisions the perfect choice for public venues (or rowdy backyards) where lessor TVs would be quickly damaged.

    Resistant to Extreme Cold
    All SunBrite Pro Series TVs feature built–in heaters that allow the TVs to operate at temperatures as low as –40 °F. Each TV has internal sensors that will automatically turn on the heaters and internal fans to flow warm air over the LCD screen protecting it from damage. The TVs do not need to be turned "on" for this to work. As long as they are plugged in and are receiving A/C power, the heating system will work 24/7 to protect the screen from damage.

    Powder–Coated Aluminum Exterior
    All SunBrite Pro Series TVs feature powder–coated aluminum exteriors. The rigid aluminum outer bezels give these televisions a strength and durability rivaled by none. The powder–coated finish is specially designed to resist rust and corrosion. This feature makes the SunBrite Pro Series TVs the default choice for public and commercial venues where extra durability is required.

    True Outdoor Mounting Accessories
    Having a true outdoor TV that can last for years would be for naught, if the TV falls off of a rusty mount. And that´s what could potentially happen if you would try to use indoor TV mounts for an outdoor TV. However, all SunBrite mounts and installation accessories use only stainless steel or specially treated materials, so you don´t have to worry about your mount rusting away.

    • 31.5" Signature Series True Outdoor All–Weather LCD Television for permanent outdoor installation.
    • Bright 32–inch 1366 x 768p HD LCD screen for improved outdoor viewing.
    • Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air.
    • Multi–fan Airflow system keeps the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F.
    • Ability to operate in cold weather (–24 degrees F).
    • RS232 control feature set to maximize system integration and programming security.
    • Discrete IR input connectors simplify control functions (located in cable–entry compartment).
    • Innovative Water–tight Cable Entry System seals out moisture and allows for easy hook–ups.
    • ASA outdoor rated high–impact resin exterior.
    • Weatherproof remote control.
    • Weatherproof control buttons.
    • Remote Control Lock–out prevents unauthorized users from changing the programming.
    • Sleep Mode automatically turns the TV to the On mode when the signal is removed, and turns it back to On when the signal is restored.


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