Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II Low Output Moving Coil Phono Catridge


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Pearwood Celebration II
    For over five years SUMIKO has provided the Celebration Pearwood Signature to music lovers seeking the musical experience of the finest and most expensive phono pickups at a more reasonable cost. New advances in material technology and construction techniques have allowed for a significant improvement in sound quality and have resulted in the creation of this new Mark II version.

Details from Sumiko

    Improvements to the original Pearwood Celebration include a brand new handcrafted Pearwood cartridge body, refined long–grain boron cantilever, and most notably a new ultra low–mass Ogura Jewel Co. P9 Stylus (Vital Design). In addition, a new, machined billet Teflon back plate features custom hollow and tapered brass mounting pins for ease of installation. These refinements result in a cartridge that offers more extended high frequencies along with bass extension and an extremely articulate mid–band range. . The Pearwood Celebration II embodies all the virtues that over 25 years of experience in designing and distributing the finest in analog products.

    Why a low output moving coil cartridge?
    Along the conceptual path, we examined closely the possibility of several construction methods. Moving magnet, or moving iron cartridges were rejected for their inability to deliver the high resolution and emotional intimacy possible only through the reduced moving mass of the better moving coil designs. Conventional, very–low output moving coils, while theoretically offering the lowest moving mass and generator impedance, were generally found to require too much from the phono section in terms of performance. We found that while the theoretical performance envelope was very high indeed, the delivered sound quality in real world systems rarely reached the intended performance goal. By using a higher than usual output (0.5mV) in the Celebration II, the phono section is not tasked with the accessing the nether regions of the unit's gain limits. Radio frequency interference (RFI) and circuit noise floor are less impactful on the sound, resulting in wider dynamics and a quieter background. Additionally, bass response is rich, extended and complete.

    In the field of moving coil design, controlling the magnetic field within the generator is of paramount importance. Non–linear magnets, poor physical construction, poor magnetic saturation of the yokes, and poorly held tolerances can all be sources of an uncontrollable and non–linear magnetic field. A non–linear magnetic field means nonlinear sound, resulting in sound that can range from bright and sterile to dull and boring. In the new Celebration II, we've chosen an expensive Alnico magnet for it's pure saturation qualities. This quality helps provide the Celebration II with a very solid brass foundation and very wide dynamics. But, not stopping there, the front yoke of the generator is highpressure fit against the Alnico magnet, ensuring a linear magnetic density, giving you, the listener, a vast open soundstage, a natural and pure midrange, and high frequencies that are extended but never bright.

    We specified a long grain boron cantilever for the Celebration II, which provides excellent energy transfer from the stylus to the coils. There is, among some factions of audiophiles, a misconception that boron cantilevers produce a somewhat sterile sound quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, the choice of a still cantilever necessitated excellence within the suspension design of the cartridge.

    Suspension Design
    Virtually all conventional moving coils get by with a suspension element made from a butyl material. For the Celebration II, we choose to use a synthetic rubber where the hardness (10 degrees) and repulsion factor (8%) of the material can be tightly controlled with molding temperature, cure time and skin tension. Additionally, with this synthetic material, the specified parameters of the cartridge will perform as designed for a longer period of time, and will last considerably longer than other designs. The final result provides a combination of superior dynamics and excellent ling term tracking ability.

    Why an Elliptical Stylus Shape?
    Your Celebration II is fitted with an elliptically ground, low mass PH stylus. No more expensive stylus is available. PH styli cost roughly five times more than the next most expensive grade available. The precision polish and clarity of the PH diamond is legendary within cartridge design circles, lending sweetness to the sound unavailable at lower cost. Our decision to produce an elliptical grind is based on the belief that musicality is a prime virtue. While it is possible to produce specialty grinds (Microridge, van den Hul, etc.) which offers theoretical benefits, our field experience suggests only a tiny fraction of owners are trained in setting up these alternative designs with enough precision to access the positive virtues of the design. (It takes years of shop time to learn these skills.) The remaining 99% of the specialty grind owners are condemned to listening to cartridges performing well below their potential. Additionally, if set up incorrectly, these stylus types can damage records, and will wear out prematurely

    By selecting our elliptical stylus, we offer a design type where the inherent character is always musical. Like exotic stylus grinds, with care and precise adjustment, tremendous amounts of detail can be extracted from the Celebration II. But unlike those grinds, even if it is not adjusted within a gnat's whisker of perfection, your cartridge will still deliver an intensely musical experience.

    Old World Craftsmanship
    Each Celebration II is painstakingly crafted by hand in a process that involves hours of labor. After assembly, final adjustments are made using a battery of test records, and performance is hand–calibrated. Each cartridge is subjected to this process and is critically auditioned before it is shipped. No computer or machine is yet capable of matching the precise adjustments necessary to extract the highest level of performance from a reference quality phono cartridge.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
  • Cartridge Type Moving Coil
  • Suspension Synthetic Rubber
  • Frequency Response 10Hz–40Khz +/– 1.5dB
  • Output Voltage/Channel 0.5mV (3.54 cm/sec., 1kHz)
  • Channel Separation 30dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel Balance 0.5dB @ 1kHz
  • Optimum Tracking Force 2.0 grams
  • Tracking Force Range 1.9 – 2.2 grams
  • Dynamic Compliance (x10–6 cm/dyne)12
  • Internal Impedance 30 Ohms
  • Capacitance Range 100 – 300 pf
  • Cantilever Long grain Boron
  • Stylus Size/Shape Ultra low–mass Ogura Jewel Co. P9 Stylus
  • Output Terminals Unique gold plated tapered brass pins
  • Load Impedance 100–1k Ohms
  • Cartridge Weight 7.0 grams
  • Mounting System Standard 0.5" hole spacing, threaded M2.5
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Included Coverage from Sumiko: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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