Sony FDR-AX1 | 4K Handycam® Camcorder

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Tell your story in four times the resolution of Full HD with the 4K camera that's made for everyone.
    Capture your most important moments and retell the story in four times the resolution of Full DH with Sony's first 4kCamcorder that's made for everyone. Whether you are interested in auto–function video or taking the reins of zoom, focus and iris rings yourself, this groundbreaking camcorder is ready to capture your moments and imagination.

    With its back–illuminated structure on the back of a light receiving element, you receive a boost to low–light sensitivity giving you more lifelike images even in dim light. Featuring a processor identical to those used by professionals in 4k camcorders, you achieve high performance noise reduction for better image quality, and four times the resolution of HD formats.

    Have confidence in getting the settings right and not missing the game–winning shot. With professional tools from Sony like Zebra, Peaking, Center Marker and Guide Frame, you are in control.

Details from Sony

    Capture 4K/60p video that far exceeds HD resolution
    Playback 4K content captured on the AX1 on a compatible1 4K TV by simply connecting the two devices with supplied HDMI cable. Thanks to original Sony technology, Sony BRAVIA TVs especially bring out the full quality of 4K/60p recordings. Full HD monitors can also be used to enjoy this content by simply changing the menu HDMI output settings to 1920 x 1080.

    XAVC–S codec allows extended 4K/HD video recording
    The FDR–AX1 records 4K/HD movies in the XAVC–S format, which was developed for consumer usage based on the professional XAVC 4K/HD format. XAVC–S uses MPEG–4 AVC/H.264 Long GOP for video and linear PCM for audio compression, while saving files in an MP4 wrapper. The XAVC–S codec allows longer recording times within a given media capacity than XAVC, making 4K recording easier and more convenient.

    1/2.3" 8.3MP Exmor R® CMOS image sensor
    Sony's unique Exmor R® CMOS sensor is essential to the stunning image quality that the FDR–AX1 achieves. Its back–illuminated structure featuring wiring layers on the back of a photodiode (light receiving element) dramatically boosts low–light sensitivity for shooting better, more lifelike images even in dim lighting. Sony's cutting–edge technology also makes the camera nimble at reading massive 4K data at 60 fps.

    Professional image processor for real–time 4K / 60 fps recording
    An extraordinary image processor, identical to those in 4K camcorders used by professionals, rapidly processes signals transmitted from the CMOS sensor and finalizes images. In processing the vast 4K data in real time at 60p, the processor achieves four times the resolution of the HD format. This processor not only features high–performance noise reduction technology for better image quality, it is also specifically tuned for the AX1 so it delivers image processing performance that accelerates the evolution of camcorders.

    Sony G–lens with 20X (31.5–630mm eq.) smooth servo zoom
    The "G Lens" advances the Sony heritage of image processing innovation by redefining what an aspheric lens and special low–dispersion glass together can faithfully reproduce. Accordingly, the "G Lens" is specially tuned to capture qualities of definition and color that put these groundbreaking Handycam® camcorders in a class of their own. In addition, the high–quality lens offers a broad zooming range from wide–angle to 20x optical zoom (31.5–630mm 35mm equivalent), enabling an amazing range of video expression.

    3 ND filters and 5 paint functions for expressive cinematic looks
    The AX1 features three ND filters for adjusting the amount of light entering the image sensor from the lens. There are four filter settings: Off (Clear), ¼ filter, 1/16 filter and 1/64 filter. These filter settings give users the ability to adjust to light conditions, while maintaining desired shutter angle and aperture even on bright and sunny days. Six paint functions (white, offset white, gamma, detail, skin detail and matrix) can be combined and adjusted in the paint menu to create expressive movie styling and cinematic looks.

    Built–in mic w/2x additional Pro XLR jacks for external inputs
    In addition to a high–performance internal microphone, the AX1 features two external XLR jacks for connecting external microphones that can also be used to record superior–quality balanced audio synchronized to the video. You can also mix audio from recordings made using the internal microphone and externally connected microphones, respectively.

    7x assignable buttons and 3x control rings (focus/iris/zoom)
    The AX1 was designed with two start/stop buttons (one on the side of the camera grip and another on the handle) for ease of use while shooting. The handle also features a zoom lever that enables convenient access while shooting from low angles. Seven assignable buttons can be programmed with functions that enable users to quickly access them without using menus. Assign functions to adjust to shooting conditions on the fly such as Marker, Zebra, Peaking, Focus Magnifier, Auto Exposure Level, Steadyshot, Color Bars, Rec Lamp [F], Rec Lamp [R].

    Two XQD card slots for high–speed 4K recording and playback
    The AX1 uses XQD media card for smooth, high–speed reading and writing of 4K video and features two XQD media slots. A relay recording feature makes it possible to lengthen recording by automatically switching between two or more media. The AX1 is compatible with following types of XQD media cards: XQD media card S–series XQD media card H–series XQD media card N–series

    View 4K 60P video on compatible BRAVIA® TVs w/supplied HDMI® cable
    Playback 4K content captured on the FDR–AX1 on a 4K TV by simply connecting the two devices with supplied HDMI® cable. Thanks to original Sony technology, Sony BRAVIA® TVs especially bring out the full quality of 4K/60p recordings. Full HD monitors can also be used to enjoy this content by simply changing the menu HDMI output settings to 1920 x 1080.

    Zebra, Peaking, Center marker and guide frame
    Have confidence in getting the setting right and not missing he shot. Tools such as Zebra, Peaking, Center Marker and Guide Frame are professional features to enable precise manual control. Zebra: While recording, this function highlights over exposed bright areas with stripes in the LCD and viewfinder. This feedback helps users adjust brightness and prevent whiteout. Peaking highlights the area's most sharply in focus, in the LCD and viewfinder for accurate manual focusing. Users can choose white, red, yellow or blue peaking to clearly contrast with the subject and adjust the peaking level to low, medium or high. Determine the center of your image at a glance using the Center Marker feature in the LCD or viewfinder and use the guide frame for aligning horizontal and vertical lines to ensure your captured image is within screen boundaries.

    High–quality XAVC–S up to 150 Mbps 4K / 50Mbps HD recording
    High quality XAVC–S can be recorded to 150mbps. Additionally, there is also an option to record very high quality Full HD at 50mbps with the FDR–AX1.

    1. The FDR–AX1 can only playback via HDMI in 4K to BRAVIA TV as of September 4, 2013.
    2. At time of announcement, September 4, 2013.
    3. The use of MP4 playback devices and software does not guarantee that data can be played back in all modes.


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