Sonos Wireless Speakers: Better Than Flying Cars

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Wireless speakers have been around for a while, but they have rarely offered a satisfactory, high quality solution. Older systems used radio frequency (RF) technology that was prone to interference and limited range. Sonos changed all that in 2002 with the introduction of their simple yet powerful wireless speakers. Their vision to “fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again” is becoming a reality as many homes and businesses implement their products for a custom wireless audio solution.
How It Works
Sonos Components


Sonos Connect:AMP

This device has a built-in amp and can power most passive bookshelf speakers effortlessly. If you already have speakers in a room and would like to link them to a Sonos system, this is the device you’ll need. Simply connect 1 pair of speakers to this device with regular speaker wire and plug the CONNECT:AMP to an electrical outlet.


Sonos Connect

For rooms with an existing stereo or home theater system, simply link the CONNECT to your existing AV receiver with a digital or analog cable and it will link you existing gear to the Sonos network and streaming audio. This component does not have an amplifier or speaker connections and is designed to work with an existing amplifier or home theater system. It does have an auxilary input, however.



Extend the range of your wireless network and overcome interference with the Sonos BOOST. WiFi dead spots will be a thing of the past after connecting this accessory. Inside of this extender are three antennae that broadcast 360° simultaneously. Place this accessory at the edge of your existing WiFi range to enjoy expanded internet access, streaming and more flexible Sonos speaker placement.

Sonos Speakers


Sonos PLAY:1 White
Don’t let its small body fool you. The Sonos PLAY:1 may have a compact footprint, but it will put out big sound into any room in your home. Use it as a rear speaker for surround sound or place on a tabletop for amazing sound. Because it’s moisture resistant, it’s safe to use in the bathroom or by the hot tub. Stream all the music in the world to your home and control it all from your mobile phone!


Sonos PLAY:3 White
Small yet powerful, this speaker can be placed vertical or horizontal for placement ease. A bass radiator emits low notes while dual mid-range drivers and 1 tweeter fill in the rest. Have full control over the sound with bass, treble, balance, and loudness controls. Place this in any room, plug into a wall socket, and you’re in business.


Sonos PLAY:5 Black
This second generation speaker can provide wireless audio to a single room or integrated into an existing whole house Sonos whole home system. Inside the newly redesigned cabinet are six speakers powered by six digital amplifiers for optimal sound. Intended for larger rooms, this loudspeakers can be used individually, as a stereo pair or integrated into a wireless surround sound system. Accessing streaming music, internet radio or your favorite service like Spotify is easy using the sonos control app on your tablet or smartphone. With Trueplay room calibration, your music will sound better than ever!


Sonos SUB
Add incredible Bass to any room with the addition of the Sonos SUB. Setup is complete with a push of a button as it links to other Sonos speakers in the room. Two force-cancelling speakers offer deep sound with zero cabinet rattle. Because of its slim cabinet, it can be placed anywhere in the room or slipped under the couch.


Designed for movie and music lovers alike, the PLAYBAR has 9 speakers to flood your room with “huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for TV, Web, Movies and Video Games.” Place this speaker bar under your TV or hang it on the wall with the optional wall bracket.
Sonos Accessories

Wall Brackets, Ceiling Mounts And Speaker Stands

Do you love the idea of wireless speakers but have nowhere to place them? Flexson has a wide variety of wall brackets, ceiling mounts and speaker stands to help place your new loudspeaker. Many of these innovative brackets have full articulation to help you direct the sound exactly where you want it. Hanging the PLAYBAR under or over your wall mounted TV can be a snap or get your SUB off the floor and out of the way. Whatever Sonos product you have, Flexson offers a strong, easy to use mount that’s custom made for your wireless speaker.

The Rundown

Up to 32 rooms, zero wires, and unlimited music content that can be installed quickly. Use your existing speakers or purchase Sonos speakers if you’re starting from scratch. Stream different music in each room or link all zones to play the same song. Control music, volume, power, bass, and treble in all the zones from a smart phone or tablet or from your MAC or PC. Since there are no wires, take the system with you when you move to a new house. Discover the freedom, flexibility and versatility that is offered with Sonos products today.