Safe Shipping for Your Purchase

The first step in shipping your product, once we receive your order our warehouse staff will pull your order, matching the product to your order ensuring accuracy and then it’s off to the shipping line. Once your order reaches the shipping line the auto checker visually checks the pick slip against the product on the order to make sure they match. We also use custom size boxes to help protect your shipment during shipping and include return instructions along with return labels right in the box with your product.

The next step in the process is electronic auto checking. We scan your order, and scan the product to make sure they match. The last step in the auto checking process is adding the packing pillows. We use packing pillows because it is less mess for you, they’re safer than peanuts and they’re recyclable.
The last step in the process is we scan your pick slip and verify the address; your shipment is secured and sealed in the box, then labeled for shipment. We also send, via email, tracking numbers on all of our shipments.