Setting up a Wired Whole Home Audio System

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Setting Up A Wired Whole Home System
Setting up a wired whole home audio system can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider during the design and planning phase of the installation process. If the home is under construction, then wiring is often very easy. Completed homes, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to wire but still very possible. Here are some details on the process to help get you on your way to having a whole home audio system.

Step 1: Design A Plan For Wiring

Step 2: Determine The Wiring Configuration

Step 3: Select Appropriate Wiring

Step 4: Gather The Proper Tools

Step 5: Connecting The Speakers To Your Audio Gear

Step 6: Identify The Zones


Now that you have your plan mapped out you can take a look at all the whole home audio products that OneCall offers to make your plan a reality. If a wired whole-home audio system seems too difficult, be sure to check out the article " Whole Home Audio Systems - Wired or Wireless?" to research what option is best for you.