Samsung PN64F8500 64-inch 3D Plasma TV

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The Samsung Smart Plasma TV F8500 is the ultimate picture youa??ve been waiting for and the best performance we have to offer. It starts with the new Super Contrast Panel, which delivers unprecedented brightness, the deepest black levels and precise colors and clarity. We've also added Cinema Smooth™ to give anything you watch film–like smoothness, no matter the original motion quality. These advanced picture features bring out every high definition detail of your favorite movies, sports and shows. And youa??ll have no problem finding your favorites or discovering new ones with our new SmartHub – a faster way to navigate TV content. This intuitive central menu organizes and personalizes your entertainment world into five panels: On–TV, Movies and Shows, Social, Apps and a panel for your personal photos, videos and music.

Details from Samsung

    Swipe between these panels using simple hand gestures and evenuse S–Recommendation with Voice Interaction to ask things like"what action movies are on?" The S–Recommendation searchengine will find your favorite TV shows, movies and stored content– making whata??s on TV an easy choice. You can also share photosand videos from your compatible smart devices to your TV – oruse your smartphone and tablet to watch whata??s on your TV. Thedesign marvel continues with the beautiful brushed metal framewith curved lines that elegantly rests on a complementing stand. The F8500 is our newest commitment of meeting the highestexpectations.

    Super Contrast Panel:The new Super Contrast Panel provides viewers with the most optimal picture quality experience available from Samsung to date! By minimizing the cell walls between each RGB pixel, we are able to drive more light through the panel. Combining this technology with the new generation of Real Black Pro, viewers experience the deep black levels plasmas are traditionally know for, and share the brightness of an LED.

    Real Black Pro:
    Combines the reflection reduction properties of the panel with a new reset pulse algorithm to further enhance black levels.

    Full HD 1080p:
    The realistic detail of Full HD images invites you to enjoy a viewing experience that redefines reality.

    600Hz Subfield Motion:
    Samsung Plasma TV generates a frame of video at 600 timesa second. The result is smoother images with picture quality, especially beneficial when viewing sports and fast action movies.

    Cinema Smooth Plus™
    Cinema smooth adjusts the frame rate of the panel for displaying 24fps source movies on Blu–ray Disc®, dedicated 24p cable and satellite channels at this native frame rate. The resulting video characteristic is a smoother and more natural film like experience. Contect originated in 24p but delivered to the TV at 30fps or 60 fps may have inherent motion judderSamsunga??s Motion Judder Canceller smooths video content affected by poo processing.

    Wide Color Enhancer Plus:
    Enhances by expanding the color range for a more vivid viewing experience especially beneficial when watching older film productions and non high definition content.

    Clear Image Panel:
    The clear image technology feature provides anti–reflection for a better viewing experience. The single layer panel structure eliminates the production of dual images and blurring, especially at off angled viewing.

    SMART TV 2. 0
    in new and unexpected ways. Accessing Apps, Signature Services, and browsing are easy. Voice and gesture controls, face recognition,voice recognition and Smart Touch Remote Control all provide unique ways to interact with your TV. Enjoy and exceptional picture and TV experience like never before.

    Quad Core Processor
    Enhanced processing speeds allow you to perform multipletasks at the same time with ease, such as using an app whiledownloading another one. It also enables faster Web browsingwhile playing Apps or TV programs that youa??ve recently openedthrough the Recent History feature.

    Smart Hub:
    Smart TV 2. 0 will include enhanced Smart Hub, providing viewers with an intuitive and easy–to–navigate menu in which to browse and enjoy content recommended specifically for them.

    Full Web Browser:
    Stream your favorite movies and shows, download apps, shop online, browse the web, update your status on Facebook and Titter—all the benefits of full Web browsing, right on your TV.

    Provides content recommendations at the click of a button,ranging from live TV to on demand movies, as well as apps.

    Smart Interaction for 2013 features enhanced face, gesture, and voice recognition. Communicating with your TV is now easier and more innovative than ever before. Speak naturally to your TV and receive contect recommedation designed for the viewer. Built–in Camera (Pop–up):Useful for video calling applications such as Skype™, the built–incamera is hidden within the top of the bezel, and pops up whenslight pressure is applied.

    AllShare™ Play:Allows your TV to wirelessly access and stream content fromany compatible device, like a PC or mobile device. Share movies,photos, and music all through a single device: your TVV. With cloudtechnology, you can access and even share content away fromhome

    Samsung Smart View:
    Play two different shows, movies or video on two separate devices. You can watch a movie from your Blu–ray Disc® Player on your TV, while running live TV from your tablet. ∗In order to use the Smart View (Dual View) feature of watching content on TV and tablet, the Blu–ray Disc Player and set top box

    Enjoy stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D modes. WithSamsunga??s 3D converter, turn 2D viewing into 3D for an amazingcinematic experience.

    Dolby® Digital Plus/Pulse:Optimizes the TV sound quality when viewing and listening toInternet movies, Internet music and other content played backfrom wired or wireless mobile phones, PCs and tablet devices.

    Digital Natural Sound Engine: Sound enhancement system thatcombines different equalizer settings and signal processing tocreate various user–centric presets to suit the most commonlistening scenarios. DNSE optimizes the sound of compact UltraSlim Designed flat panel TVs.

    DTS Premium Audio:
    Creates a surround sound experience from TV speakers andenables seamless delivery of content across the Internet to Webconnected devices.

    3D Sound:
    Generates an audio image produced by the TV stereo speakersor when listening via headphones. When viewing 3D content, theaudio track is processed to create a three dimensional space.

    High–quality single–cable digital audio/video interface forconnecting the TV to a digital cable box, satellite box, DVD andBlu–ray Disc®Player, PC computers, PC portable devices, newgenerationtablets and devices featuring the HDMI® output.

    Connects a variety of computer, audio and video devices to theTV. USB movie capability allows the streaming of video fromstorage devices, cameras, camcorders and USB drives.

    Wi–Fi Built–in:
    With WiFi built right into the TV, it is easier than ever to browsethe Web right on the big screen.

    Component In:
    Analog video connection transmits HD RGB video using three RCA connections.

    Shared Composite in (AV):
    Analog video connection transmits video using one RCA connection.

    Smart Touch Remote Control:Designed specifically to complement your Smart TV, the SmartTouch Remote Control of


Features & Specs

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    1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -In Home Service
Detailed Specifications
  • F8500 Plasma TV

  • Super Contrast Panel
  • Real Black Pro
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 600Hz Subfield Motion
  • Cinema Smooth+TM
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • Clear Image Panel

  • SMART TV 2.0
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Smart Hub
  • Full Web Browser
  • S–Recommendation

  • Built–in Camera (Pop–up)
  • Voice Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition

  • Allshare™ Play
  • Samsung Smart View

  • Dolby® Digital Plus/Pulse
  • DNSE+
  • DTS Premium Audio
  • 3D Sound

  • 4 HDMI® Connections
  • 3 USB Connections
  • Wi–Fi Built–in
  • 1 Component in
  • 1 Shared Composite in (AV)

  • Smart Touch Remote Control
  • 4 pairs of 3D Active Glasses
  • IR Blaster
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Included Coverage from Samsung: 1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -In Home Service

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