Rega Bias 2 | MM Phono Cartridge

  • 6.8 – 7.2mV Output
  • High Spec Parallel Wound Coils
  • 1.75g Tracking Pressure
  • Standard, Two Screws Fixing
  • Red Finish


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    An elliptical stylus with high spec parallel wound coils, the Bias 2 moving magnet cartridge by Rega will extract as much detail from your favorite vinyl as it possibly can. Winning multiple awards, you'll enjoy unparalleled clarity, engaging stereo imaging and natural dynamic performance with 1.75g of tracking pressure, and 6.8 – 7.2mV of output. And before the Bias 2 ever reaches your hi–fi system, Rega not only hand assembles each cartridge, they test and check every single one for two days. You've never seen quality control like this, and your favorite records will never be the same.

Details from Rega

    Bias 2

    Each one of our moving magnet cartridges are meticulously hand assembled to the highest standard by our highly trained technicians. The design and assembly procedures are focused on one simple goal — extracting as much music from your vinyl as possible.

    Hand Built, Man Tested

    Each one uses a pair of parallel wound coils which are then carefully assembled on custom jigs to create a working stereo generator. Each cartridge is then tested and checked over two days to ensure all of the strict parameters for each model are met before either packing or fitting to a Rega turntable. The multi award winning Rega moving magnet range offers unrivalled clarity, engaging stereo imaging and a natural dynamic performance putting you in touch with your vinyl collection like never before.


    Recent developments in coil winding techniques have allowed us to use our innovative parrallel wound coil in our entire range. This technique uses approximately one third less wire than our previous models, thus producing a more efficient and reduced mass cartridge.


    Rega have not tried to create a false impression of expense by using an elaborate package. We have used the most simple and cheap carton possible to avoid transit damage, thereby using the saving to spend more on the cartridge itself – ensuring better value.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
Detailed Specifications
    Technical Specifications
  • Output: 6.8 – 7.2mV
  • Stylus: Elliptical
  • Fixing: Standard, Two Screws
  • Coils: High Spec Parallel Wound Coils
  • Colour: Red
  • Construction: Hand Built, Moving Magnet Cartridge In Rega's Custom Designed Body
  • Tracking Pressure: 1.75g

  • Dimensions
  • Width: TBD
  • Height: TBD
  • Depth: TBD
  • Weight: 0.15 lb
Product Bullets
  • 6.8 – 7.2mV Output
  • High Spec Parallel Wound Coils
  • 1.75g Tracking Pressure
  • Standard, Two Screws Fixing
  • Red Finish


Included Coverage from Rega: Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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