Protecting Your Hearing with Headphones

With iPods, MP3 players and smart phones, having portable music has never been easier. When we are so entranced in the music we love, we just want to turn on the volume slightly higher so that we can drown out the background noise and enjoy our music privately. However, did you know that without the right pair of headphones, the loud music can damage our ears?
The way our ears work is through air pressure, or sound waves. When a sound is made, pressure is created through the vibration of that object. Depending on the frequency of that vibration, different notes and pitches of sound can be produced. The sound wave travels through the ear and into our ear canal. From the ear canal the sound wave continues on to our ear drums where it oscillates the membrane in the same frequency. This, in turn, travels through our inner ear where the sound wave is amplified in our cochlea. Our hair cells in the ear can pick up the different pitch and loudness of the sound. The hair cells are able to distinguish the loudness of the sound, due to the different amount of energy released in the inner ear; the louder the sound, the more hair cells that will sway from their resting position. This, in turn, will create an electrical signal that travels all the way to our brain where it makes use of the information from the ear.
There is a threshold at which our hair cells are triggered to respond to sound energy. When the sound pressure is too loud and strong, all of the hair cells are shocked into changing from the resting position at the same time, which can cause irreparable damage. As more of our hair cells die, our ability to hear deteriorates, thus needing us to turn the volume higher in order to sense the same loudness. As you can see, this will then cause a cascading event, where the louder the volume, the more damage we do to our hair cells thus causing hearing loss, which in turn causes us to turn on the music louder. You may have noticed that with different brands of headphones you may experience different levels of comfort. That has to do with the quality of the headphones that were produced. Headphones, or speakers, operate in a similar fashion to your ears.
Your music produces electrical signals that travel through the wire and hit a magnet on your headphones which then switches it on and off. This causes a membrane to vibrate. The membrane creates a sound wave that goes into your ear. The better the quality of the headphones, the better the quality of the sound, which means you can keep the volume lower and enjoy the same crispness in the music you are hearing. As a survival instinct of your brain, it usually also listens intently to the sounds of your environment, no matter how high your volume is turned on. In order to drown out your environment, you may turn on your iPod or MP3 player to a higher volume. However, with a good quality set of headphones that creates a comfortable seal around your ears, the product itself can minimize the background noise, which leaves you to enjoy your music at a much safer volume.
Understanding this information can help aid in the protection of your ears. If you want more information on our products, please feel free to browse through our site. We have over 6,000 products, which includes headphones that are sure to keep listening to music at a safe volume.