ProMaster SP528 SPECIALIST | Aluminum Tripod w/ SPH45P Ball Head

  • 80.5" Maximum Working Height
  • 7.25" Minimum Working Height
  • 23.75" Folded Length
  • 24 lb Maximum Load
ProMaster SP532 SPECIALIST Aluminum Tripod with SPH45P Ball Head
ProMaster SP532CK SPECIALIST Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head
ProMaster SP528C SPECIALIST Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    With the ProMaster SP528K Specialist tripod your camera will be stable in difficult shooting situations. Weighing in at 5lbs the SP528K supports up to 24lbs, that’s pretty much any DSLR body and lens combo with a maximum working height of 6.7–feet, and a folded height of 23.75–inches. Featuring an aluminum body with PROlocks, each with 5 sections, the included bubble level will help guide you to perfectly positioned photos and video, no matter how rough the terrain gets. There’s even a built–in monopod for effortless stabilization when you need it fast. A dovetail quick release system is compatibility with most heads and cameras, including arca–swiss.

Details from ProMaster

    ProMaster SP528 SPECIALIST

    Engineered to exacting standards for the discerning photographer, the ProMaster SP528K Specialist tripod will anchor your camera in difficult shooting situations. Compact when closed but generously tall when opened it's a pleasure to use at eye level. Red colored touch points are easy to see and operate even in low light. Innovative PROlocks allow for quick opening and powerful closing of leg sections. Threaded connection ports work with a variety of accessories and ProMaster's dovetail quick release system is a fast and secure way of attaching your camera (arca–swiss compatible). With its advanced features the Specialist SP528 gives you the flexibility to frame unique shots and realize your vision.

    Ball Heads

    • Machined (not cast) from high grade aluminum. The quality of these heads is clearly evident. • QR plates are arca–swiss compatible with an incorporated safety catch mechanism. • Knobs are a rich red color for a professional look and so you can easily identify touch points on the head. • SP heads can pan from the base or from the top platform and have engraved degree–markings. Use the lower panning base for the initial framing of a shot followed by the upper pan to rotate the camera without affecting its other positioning. • A large tension control knob is easy to use, even with gloves. • Inside of the tension control knob is a secondary knob called a Memory Lock. It sets a repeatable tension when moving the camera on the ball head. • Two memory lock knobs are included with the ball head. Choose the protruding Memory Lock knob for ease of adjustment or switch it for the low profile Memory Lock knob which avoids any accidental changes.

    Tripod Legs

    • All leg locks are PROlocks which are powerful yet easy to open, even while wearing gloves. • Tripod feet are made of heavy duty rubber and twist to expose retractable spikes. • Columns are easy to adjust, reversible, and can be separated into two parts for ultra low angle photography. • Leg angle adjustments are made with an all–new slide switch. • The yolk of each tripod is extremely strong to avoid unwanted movement. • A bubble level is incorporated along with two 3/8" threaded accessory ports. ProMaster flex arms make a perfect companion by connecting to these ports providing an extra set of ‘hands’ for flashes, LED lights, etc... • All touch points on the tripod are also colored red for easy identification. • Specialist tripods are extra tall, which is a special benefit when setting up on uneven ground since a tripod is normally restricted by the lowest point it touches.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    ProMaster Unconditional 1 Year Warranty
Detailed Specifications
    Kit Specs
  • Maximum Working Height: 80.5"
  • Maximum Working Height with column down: 67"
  • Minimum Working Height: 7.25"
  • Folded Length: 23.75"
  • Maximum Load: 24 lbs
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Ball Head Specs
  • Height: 4"
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Tripod Leg Specs
  • Maximum Working Height: 76.5"
  • Maximum Height with column down: 63"
  • Minimum Working Height: 3"
  • Folded Length: 19.5"
  • Weight: 4 lbs 7.5 lbs
  • Dimensions (Shipping)
  • Width: 25"
  • Height: 6"
  • Depth: 6"
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
Product Bullets
  • 80.5" Maximum Working Height
  • 7.25" Minimum Working Height
  • 23.75" Folded Length
  • 24 lb Maximum Load


Included Coverage from ProMaster: ProMaster Unconditional 1 Year Warranty

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