ProMaster 12x12 Soft Clean Cloth with Waterproof Container

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    Perfect For All Kinds Of Cleaning

    Keep all kinds of lenses, viewfinders, and glass clean with the easy to use 12x12 Promaster SoftClean. This 100% micro synthetic cloth with chemical free fibers is perfect for ensuring that dirt, dust, or fingerprints are kept off your lens. It works well to ensure your gear is always ready to go, and with the carefully designed grey color to give you an option to get the right color balance.

Details from ProMaster

    Clean your lenses, LCD screens, glasses and other delicate surfaces with this ultra soft cleaning cloth. The PROMASTER SoftClean is made from 100% micro synthetic, chemical free fibers. The SoftClean will clean up even the tiniest dust particles, finger prints, and grease spots due to the unique triangular structure of the microfiber filaments used to make the cloth. The cloth is packed in a handy waterproof case that can be clipped to your camera bag, purse, backpack or elsewhere so it is always ready when you need it. In a pinch and need a grey source to get just the correct exposure or color balance? The SoftClean's neutral gray color is just the ticket.


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