Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 | Noise Canceling Headphones w/Mic & Remote


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Details from Polk Audio

    You know that room inside your head? Polk Audio has the sound system for it. For four decades we've delivered rich, realistic sound in rooms of all sizes and shapes. Now we've conquered the space between your ears. New UltraFocus headphones go beyond Active Noise Cancellation to deliver the kind of dynamic soundstage you'd only expect from a room full of loudspeakers.

    Active Noise Canceling technology uses sophisticated audio algorithms to silence distracting outside noise. Polk Audio has gone one step further with UltraFocus headphones. They use Optimized Active Tuning to work in tandem with the ANC technology, enhancing audio performance beyond that of ordinary headphones. Whether you're in a crowded train car or a claustrophobic airplane, on a bustling city street or in a cavernous gym, Polk Audio's new UltraFocus Active Noise Canceling Headphones give you a refuge from all the noise. They deliver the kind of audio performance you expect from a home audio system: an expansive, engaging interior "soundstage," with realistic details and deep bass response. Most of all, UltraFocus gives you the freedom to focus on your music and the motivation it gives you to achieve, to win, or just to relax and dream.

    Engineered to Outperform
    Polk Headphones are engineered from the start to outperform other headphones in every way. From our state–of–the–art technology designed specifically to measure, tune and calibrate headphone performance, to our material selection and manufacturing process, Polk headphones deliver a home–audio–style experience "on the go." Polk engineers use the Neumann head and human ears to sculpt earphone structures, silicone tips and ear cushions that fit naturally. Subjective Tuning Software digitally calibrates headphone performance inside the ear with conditions outside the ear, for noise reduction and dynamic audio. This is headphone technology that allows you to achieve the peace and comfort you desire, in your own personal audio sanctuary.

    Active Noise Canceling Technology with Optimized Active Tuning
    Active Noise Canceling technology eliminates the distractions of the outside world, and Polk Audio`s exclusive Optimized Active Tuning works in tandem with ANC technology to improve the overall performance dynamics of UltraFocus headphones. (Batteries included.)

    Passive Noise Isolation Technology
    Comfortable, in–ear–canal design seals the ear (UltraFocus 6000), or the padded over–ear design (UltraFocus 8000) surrounds each ear; both designs naturally minimize outside distractions.

    Push–To–Hear Ambient Controls
    Easy–reach P2H mutes audio on–the–fly, and amplifies only external human voice frequencies so you can experience the outside world without removing your headphones: "Yes, I'd like another bag of peanuts."

    Dynamic Balance® Design Technology
    Dynamic Balance is our patented advanced analysis of a speaker's entire electro–acoustic and mechanical system. It helps us select better materials and more efficient geometry. With deep analysis, we can pinpoint and eliminate things that reduce performance before they become a part of the finished product. The miniature polymer drivers in UltraFocus Series headphones are specially tuned to produce a flat, uncolored frequency response when the ANC system is engaged. This transparency reveals a wide dynamic range, with sharp details, and no hint of strain.

    Active Dynamic Balance Thermoplastic Polymer Drivers
    Adhering to the same superior performance parameters as our full–sized loudspeaker drivers, these Active Dynamic Balance Thermoplastic Polymer Drivers are tuned to take advantage of ANC technology for enhanced audio dynamics. Discrete crossover filters added to each UltraFocus driver system naturalize the entire spectrum to deliver more lifelike headphone sound.

    Tangle–free Flat Planar Audio Cables
    Round cables, always coiling up and twisting, are a constant source of annoyance. Repetitive twisting can result in broken cables that flop out of their connection. UltraFocus headphone cables are designed and engineered to defeat these nuisances and boost performance.

    • Flat planar cable design eliminates coiling, so your headphone cables won't tangle up.
    • Oxygen–free cable technology enhances audio conductivity for stellar sound quality.
    • Local connections (on the ear in the UF8000 Model) allow you to disconnect quickly without having to reach your source, for more mobility and freedom of movement in tight spaces like airline aisles.

    StrainGuard design protects the places where headphones take the most abuse, like transitions and connection points. In the UltraFocus Series, all transitional connections are computer designed for perfect fit, to strengthen the points where they fail most.

    Gold–plated Right–Angle Connectors
    Multiple connectors are included, all gold–plated for professional–level conductivity. Source connectors are right–angled, for easy smartphone use in "landscape" mode. The gold–plated 3.5mm connector is designed to fit the opening on all i–gadget cases; the ¼–inch gold–plated connector fits home audio systems.

    Extra–long battery life
    50 to 60 hours with normal ANC usage. Easy to see low battery indicator. (Two AAA batteries included with UF8000 Model, one AAA battery included with UF6000 Model.)


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