Peachtree Audio T1 24/96 Adaptive USB to SPDIF Converter


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Details from Peachtree Audio

    High Resolution
    The Peachtree Audio T1 lets you fully enjoy the high–resolution digital music available and includes native support for the 96kHz sampling rate. USB inputs on many DACs don`t support resolution beyond 16–bit/48kHz. The T1 USB to SPDIF converter interfaces your computer`s USB port with your DAC`s coaxial SPDIF input and provides an easy upgrade for your USB DAC.

    Adaptive USB
    The T1 uses adaptive mode USB that relies on your computer to control the flow of data streaming from the USB port. While not as high–performance as the asynchronous mode in our X1 converter, the T1 still offers great sound. After all, it`s based on the same technology found in our award–winning iNova and Stereophile–Class–A–Rated iDac! The T1 also has the benefit of being virtually fool proof. No need for drivers – and compatibility with all of the most common operating systems makes the T1 a set–it–and–forget–it device.

    Transformer coupled digital output
    Computers are prime sources of electrical noise. Electrical noise can be an audio intrusion that you can`t hear directly which can mask fine details and distort the tone of music. A pulse transformer on the T1`s output isolates electrical noise so only the pure digital bitstream is fed to your DAC for noticeably quieter backgrounds.

    Plug and Play
    The T1 is a plug–and–play device on all operating systems, no driver required.
    USB Bus–Powered

    The T1 is powered by your computer`s USB port. No awkward wall wart power supply needed.


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