Omnicharge Omni 20 | Black Portable Power Charger

  • Uses Maximum Power Point Search Technology
  • Allows You To Charge Multiple Devices At Once
  • Longer Battery Shelf Life Than Similar Products
  • Inverter Module Increases The USB Output Efficiency To 90%


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Brings Power To All Your Devices With Style

    Charge and protect your devices at the same time, keeping the batteries running as long as you need. With the Omni 20, you have access to a number of different ports, allowing you to charge a variety of different devices. This power bank includes a direct DC port, rapid charging USB ports, and even an AC/HVDC outlet to charge anything with AC power. The complete 20,400MaH power will bring your device back to full in no time, and the OLED screen can show you every detail about the charging you could want. With a portable device that can go anywhere, take with you all the power you need to keep our life running full–speed.

Details from Omnicharge

    What Is Omnicharge?

    Engineered by power management experts from ground up, Omnicharge is equipped with intelligent charging technology to set a new standard for portable power. It is smart power bank that fits right into the palm of your hand. Integrated with our revolutionary intelligent charging system, Omnicharge has AC/DC output and two fast charging USB ports. The patented hardware and firmware solution allows you to charge laptops, including the MacBook Pro, DSLR, iPads, LCD TVs or any other small home appliance or smart device. It's the world's smallest, most powerful smart charger with one AC/DC Power Outlet and two USB Fast-Charging ports that's ready for life on the go.

    AC/HVDC Power Outlet

    Omnicharge can charge a large variety of products, such as laptops, phones, tablets, small home appliances, desk lamps, power tools, drones, DSLR cameras and more.

    Rapid Charging USB Ports

    Omni20 comes with two USB ports: port (1) supports 5V@3A output and port (2) supports latest Qualcomm 3.0 output. Omni 13 have optimized design that either USB port can have a maximum output of 5V@4.8A when used individually. When a second device is connected, the sum of both outputs won’t exceed 4.8A.

    Universal Barrel Port

    Omni 20 universal barrel port can provide fully adjustable direct DC output for most laptops, ham radio systems and other small appliances. User can choose any voltage between 1V to 24V with up to 0.1V accuracy through the menu.

    An Intelligent Portable Power Source And Battery With A Brain

    Every electronic device requires a different power voltage to charge, and their battery life and efficiency reaches optimal levels when they are charged using the designated voltage. Omnicharge actively manages outflow and inflow to ensure that both your device and Omnicharge are operating safely while displaying power-flow and estimated charge time remaining for each device.


Features & Specs

    Omni 20
Best Seller
Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -Carry In Service
Detailed Specifications
    AC/HVDC Outlet AC
  • Output: 120V, 60Hz, modified sine wave (230V, 50Hz, modified sine wave for European Version)
  • HVDC Output: 150V (300V for European Version)
  • Continuous Output Power: 100W
  • Peak Output Power: 70W (3s)
  • Maximum Output Surge Power: 100W (0.1s)
  • USB Output
  • Port 1: 5V / 3A
  • Port 2: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0; 5V/3A == 9V/2A == 12V/1.5A Backwards compatible with QC2.0/1.0
  • 5.5 x 2.1mm Barrel Port
  • Input: 4.5V – 36V, up to 3A (2W – 45W)
  • Output: Adjustable 1V – 24V with 0.1V Accuracy, up to 3.5A (70W max)
  • Qi Wireless
  • Output: 5V, up to 1A (5W) (WPC certified Qi Standard)
  • Battery
  • Cell Type: 18650 Li–ion battery
  • Capacity: 6 cells, 73Wh (20400mAh at 3.6V)
  • Lifecycles: 500 times (depleted to 70% of original capacity)
  • Shelf–life: One (1) year after full charge
  • General
  • Chainable: No
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS
  • Operating Temp
    • Charging: 50° to 113° F (10° to 45° C)
    • Discharge: –4° to 140° F (–20° to 60° C)
  • Dimensions (Charger)
  • Width: 8"
  • Height: 1.1"
  • Depth: 5"
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions (Package)
  • Width: 10"
  • Height: 3"
  • Depth: 6"
  • Weight: 3 lbs
Product Bullets
  • Uses Maximum Power Point Search Technology
  • Allows You To Charge Multiple Devices At Once
  • Longer Battery Shelf Life Than Similar Products
  • Inverter Module Increases The USB Output Efficiency To 90%


Included Coverage from Omnicharge: 1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -Carry In Service

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