NuForce Cube Silver Portable Speaker, Headphone Amp, and USB DAC


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Details from NuForce

    You can hear NuForce‘s experience in high–end audio electronics– –along with a very high–quality speaker driver– –in Cube‘s superior sound, which blows cheap plastic, low–quality portable speakers out of the water. With the Cube, listeners no longer have to sacrifice great sound for portability. Despite its small 2" cube frame, the Cube offers audio detail, depth and dimension other portable speakers simply aren‘t designed to deliver. You‘ll hear the character of your favorite singer‘s voice, the clarity and fine details of the musical instruments, the squeaky floor in a horror movie, or the subtle rumbling of the race car engine.

    The Cube‘s USB digital–to–analog converter (DAC) accepts digital music directly from the computer and bypasses the computer‘s on–board DAC, which are often low–quality and result in compromised sound, to offer a major improvement over the sound quality.

    Headphone Amp
    The Cube‘s finely optimized amplifier circuit takes the audio to a new level, providing plenty of power to drive even the most power–hungry set of ’cans". It helps ensure that the headphones provide all the clarity, detail and power they‘re designed to deliver.

    Note: If you use headphones primarily for music listening, consider the uDAC–2, which has a higher–performance DAC and headphone amp than those of the Cube Speaker.


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