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Details from NuForce

    With Air DAC, you don´t move to the music – the music moves with you.
    The Air DAC Wireless System is a combination wireless transmitter (iTX or uTX) and radio receiver (Air DAC) that operates in the 2.4GHz radio band. The Air DAC Receiver utilizes a premium quality Digital–to–Analog Converter (DAC) stage and simple one–button SKAA control.

    Unlike similar devices, the Air DAC and associated TX transmitters do not experience the typical loss in sound quality or interference capability of cell phones and other wireless devices. Rather, they offer CD–quality sound, virtually no latency, a 15–30 meter range, and a spread–spectrum technology that detects and chooses from among available frequency spectrums in order to avoid interference.

    The NuForce Air DAC Wireless Receiver and any device fitted with an appropriate matching TX transmitter can be combined to form a wireless audio network. Each transmitter can send audio to four receivers, and each receiver can connect to as many as four transmitters.

    Just link your Apple mobile device wirelessly to multiple amplifier/speaker systems located throughout your home. Then simply walk into any room with your portable player–the system automatically locks on to its signal–and stream your music to the speakers in that space. Move to the next room and stream music from the same device to that room´s receiver or pair of speakers. Wherever you roam in your home or office, your music is with you.

    Compressed audio yet CD–quality performance with
    NuForce Air DAC´s HPX™ technology developed by Eleven Engineering

    With HPX™ , the user will be unable to tell the difference between an uncompressed, wired audio source and a Eleven´s audio system sending CD–quality sound across a wireless link. Listeners no longer have to choose between the convenience of a wireless audio system and the Hi–Fi CD–quality sound of a wired system. When combining Eleven´s proven wireless technology with HPX™ audio compression, they can have both.


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