Noise-Canceling Headphone Guide

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, peace and quiet have become luxury items. The modern environment bombards the human ear every day with constant noise whether it's coming from appliances, traffic, television, or loud conversation. Do you ever wish you could filter out some of the background noise? Have you ever wanted to watch a movie or listen to music without having to blast the volume at its highest level? If so, noise-canceling headphones are the solution for you. Businessmen who are frequent fliers have long known the benefits of investing in noise-canceling headphones that allow them to sleep in-flight, blocking out the droning frequencies of the plane's engine. And music connoisseurs definitely know that the listening experience has a greatly improved quality when noise-canceling headphones are used to minimize outside sounds. Not to mention the health benefits of preventing hearing damage or loss by using protective headphones!

How Does It Work?

So what's the science behind this specific type of headphone? Firstly, it's different from a plain, noise-isolating headphone. Noise-isolating headphones simply block out extraneous sound by plugging the ear physically, in much the same way that earplugs work. Noise-canceling headphones use more sophisticated technology. Basically, there are microphones inside each headphone cup that pick up the unnecessary outside noise and then neutralize the sound frequency by creating a sort of mirror vibration which cancels it. These headphones are battery operated, ranging from models that use AAAs, to those that are rechargeable by simply plugging them into a wall adapter. Imagine listening to a great song on your headphones without the interference of the refrigerator humming, the washing machine going, or the television blaring. Noise-canceling headphones wrap you in a cocoon of quiet so you can enjoy what you want to hear and block out the rest.

When you are ready to purchase your own set of noise-canceling headphones, or perhaps upgrade your current pair, remember that comfort is key. There are different styles to choose from, including: over-the-ear, which usually has comfortable cushioning; or in-the-ear, such as iPod users wear. You might want to try some on first to see how the fit works for you.

What's The Benefit?

Perhaps you are still skeptical about needing noise-canceling headphones to improve your music listening or movie watching. Turning up the volume on your headset may not be that disconcerting to you with the idea that a higher volume means better sound. Not only do the higher decibels damage your hearing, especially over time and prolonged exposure, but you will miss low-level details in the sound. The truth is that some audio details can only be heard at lower levels of volume. So, if you truly want the clearest listening experience, you must cancel out the ambient noise and listen at a moderate level of volume. Noise-canceling technology is the only way to go in this case, that is, if you are serious about enjoying the highest quality sound performance in your entertainment.

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Again, don't let yourself become a victim of a noisy environment. You do have control. Whether you are a frequent flier hunting for precious, mid-air rest or simply want to enhance your personal entertainment experience, whatever your need to quiet the outside environment, noise-canceling headphones are the answer for getting back your control.