Niles RCA–HT2 HT Remote Control Kit | Black


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Proudly display your beautiful solid wood entertainment center and never worry about blocked remote signals again. Niles RCA–HT2 HT Remote Control Kit boosts the infrared signals traveling from your remote to your source components like Blu–ray players, so you can leave cabinet doors closed. Part of an advanced line of IR extender systems, the RCA–HT2 is fully compatible with the latest generation of IR code formats, including Philips RCMM codes, and works seamlessly with most HD sources. An optical noise filter combined with a "smart" electronic circuit allows the RCA–HT2 to block signals from plasma TVs, LCDs, and CFL lighting that interfere with IR transmissions. It's time to purchase the entertainment center you've always wanted without the worry and hassle of remote signals that won't pass through.

Details from Niles

    The Industry's First High–Fidelity Wideband IR Extender System

    Niles introduces the most advanced line of IR extender systems on the market today. Our IR Sensors have been redesigned to make them compatible with a new generation of IR code formats found on many new high–definition, multimedia source devices. The sensors feature a high fidelity wideband amplifier that can accurately pass these IR code formats, including the recently introduced Philips RCMM codes.

    One Solution For Multiple Applications

    In addition, a patent–pending Universal Noise Suppression design effectively eliminates IR interference from plasmas, LCDs, and CFL lighting while maintaining signal integrity. This two–stage technology combines an optical noise filter with a "smart" electronic circuit to provide consistent, reliable control. Best of all, these advanced technologies are found in each new Niles IR Sensor. They are the single solution for fast, predictable installations in any environment, without the added cost of carrying specialized inventory.

    Infrared System For A Home Theater

    In this application we have a home theater system located in an entertainment center. All of the supporting electronics are hidden behind solid wood cabinet doors. A large LCD TV is exposed and will be the location for the IR sensor. Niles manufactures IR sensors in five different form factors that address different applications. Since we have an LCD TV, the MS220 IR MicroSensor® is the best choice for this application. This sensor will be applied to the frame of the TV with new and improved 3M adhesive backing. The sensor is connected to the Niles Main System Unit (MSU) with its attached 4–wire cable, which can be extended using CAT–5 cable. A Niles MicroFlasher®, plugged into the MSU, is placed on the IR sensor window of each source component you wish to control.


    You can eliminate the use of flashers by connecting to the rear panel IR input on most surround receivers and some source electronics.

    Infrared System For A Home Theater And Secondary Room

    This application allows the control of a system from two locations within a home. The primary area is a home theater with the source electronics hidden away. A second room is connected to the zone 2 output of the surround A/V receiver. All sources can be controlled from either area by simply pointing a remote at the IR Sensor. Niles manufactures IR sensors in five different form factors. Since we have an LCD TV, the MS220 IR MicroSensor® is the best choice for the home theater, and a WS120 Wall Mount IR Sensor will be used in the secondary area. The sensors are then connected to the MSU with CAT–5 cable. A MicroFlasher is placed on each source component, and a 3.5mm mono mini cable connects the MSU to the Zone 2 IR input on the receiver.


    Some IR sensor windows on Cable and Satellite boxes are susceptible to being overdriven. If you are experiencing problematic operation, simply locate the flasher to the side of the sensor window.


Features & Specs

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    2 Year Limited
Detailed Specifications
  • Width: 13"
  • Height: 7 7/8"
  • Depth: 3 1/2"
  • Weight: 5 lbs
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