Niles HD-LCR BX High Definition LCR Bookshelf Speaker (Ea) FG01154


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Details & Highlights

Details from Niles

    Dual 5-1/4-inch TCC Woofers with Butyl-Rubber Suspension
    The HDLCRbx features newly-developed woofer-cone material that combines injection-molded polypropylene with talc, carbon, and ceramic (TCC) stiffening agents. As a result, the cone offers extreme stiffness and light weight for accurate, dynamic response. Additionally, the use of a butylrubber suspension offers substantial benefits, including increased movement without mechanical limitations, weather resistance, and improved midrange damping for better detail and clarity.

    BUMPBACK(TM) Woofer Magnets
    Niles engineers have utilized a unique woofer magnet construction, allowing far greater throw or voice-coil excursion. The result is a new level of deep bass performance.

    1-inch Teteron Tri-Laminate Tweeter
    The HDLCRbx s Teteron Tweeter employs a tri-laminate design consisting of an inner textile layer, which forms the dome, a high damping layer to kill unwanted resonances, and an outside layer ofurethane to add stiffness and prevent breakup modes. The result is a transparently clear, sweet, natural-sounding tweeter, which still maintains extended frequency response.

    D.S.F.G. (Directed Sound Field Geometry) Delivers Optimum Phase Response to Listeners and Compensates for High Loudspeaker Placement
    The HDLCRbx employs Niles D.S.F.G. Directed Sound Field Geometry. With D.S.F.G., the tweeter is offset from the center of the dual woofers. The resulting acoustic interaction between the woofers and the offset tweeter results in the flattest frequency and phase response, approximately 15-degrees off-axis from the tweeter. This gives optimum performance to a seated listener, even if the loudspeaker is mounted above or below a TV or screen.

    Acoustic Fine Tuning
    The HDLCRbx includes acoustic fine-tuning controls on the rear panel. These controls enable optimization of the high frequencies and dialog with 3 dB of Treble Cut and 3 dB of Dialog Enhancement.

    D.S.F.G. Directed Sound Field Geometry Defeat
    The HDLCRbx includes a rear-panel control that enables the installer to deactivate the D.S.F.G. Directed Sound Field Geometry in certain applications. For example, when the loudspeaker is installed at ear level behind a perforated screen, the loudspeaker s response can be improved with D.S.F.G. defeated.

    Niles HD High-Definition Voice Matching
    Ensures compatibility with other Niles HD High-Definition in-wall, on-wall, and ceiling-mount models to ccommodate a wide range of system designs.

    Dolby Digital Ready
    The HDLCRbx is specifically designed for Home Theater Sound. This model exceeds the specifications
    set forth by Dolby Laboratories for the accurate reproduction of Dolby Digital-Encoded Sources.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    Lifetime Warranty
Detailed Specifications
    Driver Complement
  • Two 5-1/4 TCC Woofers
  • 1 Teteron Tweeter with fluid cooling

    Design Principle
  • Acoustic suspension with a tuned port
  • D.S.F.G. Directed Sound Field Geometry for optimum phase and frequency response

    Recommended Amplifier Power
  • 10 to 150 watts per channel

    Nominal Impedance
  • 4 ohms

    Frequency Response
  • 45 Hz to 21 kHz, +/- 3 dB

  • 90 dB with 2.83 V pink noise input, measured at 1 meter on axis

  • 21 L x 7-1/4 W x 9-3/4 D

  • 21 lb

    Wiring Requirements
  • Recommended 16- to 18-gauge loudspeaker wire for runs up to 80 feet
  • Recommended 14-gauge loudspeaker wire for runs up to 200 feet.
    The connectors will accommodate 12- to 22-gauge wire.
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Included Coverage from Niles: Lifetime Warranty

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