Nikon D5100 Camera - 16.2MP DSLR Kit w/ 18-55mm VR Zoom Lens


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Let’s face it. If you’re looking for the very best camera, it’ll be an SLR. They have the fastest focus and shutter speed, they offer a wide choice of lenses, they’re awesome for sports and they have the very best flexibility over other cameras. You can put the dial on “auto” and start shooting, or you can use the manual modes and really start to let your inner photographer shine. Sure they are larger and heavier than your compact camera, but the jaw dropping results will erase any doubts. Basic features include full 1080p HD video, a full array of creative effects, 11 point auto-focus and a 3” LCD monitor. If you’re serious about capturing that memory, consider purchasing a Nikon D5100 and see the difference a better camera makes. Order from Huppins today and take advantage of our 100 years of experience and personal service.

Details from Nikon

    Vari-angle LCD Monitor
    Creativity from any point of view

    Take pictures or record movies from a unique viewpoint, the D5100`s 3.0 inch, super sharp, 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD monitor allows for versatile high quality viewing and playback. Explore every angle, with overhead shots, waist level candids, ground level and fun self portraits; you will never miss a shot. This Vari-angle monitor allows you to be creative from any point of view.

    Effects mode
    More fun and artistic pictures and movies

    This digital camera incorporates an amazing array of special effects for use when taking still pictures or recording D-Movie Full HD movies. Selective Color isolates any color within the scene; capture details in places too dark for your own eyes using Night Vision; create bright, glowing images filled with atmosphere with High Key; emphasize the mood of a scene using Low Key; Miniature Effect makes a scene look like a miniature scale model; and Color Sketch creates color outlines of the subject that are played back as a series of stills in a slide show.

    Tell better stories
    Full HD 1080p D-Movie with Sound

    The D5100 delivers exceptionally high-quality movie performance due to its full HD capability while the latest in Full-time autofocus takes the guess work out of tracking your subjects while in motion. Effortless moviemaking is at your fingertip thanks to its ergonomically placed Live View and Movie start button. Your D-Movies will come to life thanks to this cameras sound recording capability - get stereo sound with Nikon`s optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone.

    HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    Exquisite detail in highlight and shadow

    In scenes with extreme contrasts, such as bright, sunlit clouds and a foreground deep in shadow, it was once quite difficult to render the textures of both equally. Not any more. D5100 combines two exposures to create an image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and richer color gradation than ever before.

    Stunning image quality
    Image quality in a class of its own

    Incorporating the latest Nikon D-SLR technologies such as the 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 image processing engine, this work horse delivers outstanding image quality. Its CMOS sensor offers a remarkably wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 6400) with reduced noise which enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds and capture scenes and subjects with less blur. Handheld shooting and full HD movies come out looking great even in low light.

    Speed and performance that delivers
    With high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 4 frames per second, you`ll never miss a moment and with this cameras large optical viewfinder providing accurate and realistic composition, you`ll get a precise view and focus in every situation.
    This Nikon`s 11-point AF system works together with the Scene Recognition System to keep your subject in focus where it`s located in the frame.

    Capture your subjects precisely
    D5100`s 11-point AF system provides flexibility to compose the shot you want ensuring your subject is captured sharply wherever it`s located in the frame. Working together with the Scene Recognition System, the camera can keep your main subject in focus even if the composition changes using Nikon`s exclusive 3D-tracking.
    Create better portraits-even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight-with this cameras built-in pop-up flash.

    Brilliance whenever needed
    Vital for dark or backlit subjects, the D5100`s built-in pop-up flash automatically brightens your subject even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. Expect natural looking results thanks to intelligent flash control.

    Expand your picture taking capabilities with Nikon`s comprehensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses.
    NIKKOR lenses expand your vision

    From wide angle to telephoto, from prime to Micro, the NIKKOR interchangeable lens lineup offers more choices to see and capture still images and D-Movies of the world from your perspective.


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