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What Is MusicCast?

A wireless multi-room sound system for the entire home that uses your existing WiFi. Choose a compatible receiver or speakers, place them around your home and control the entire system from your smartphone.

Start with a single speaker or add up to ten zones for a true multi room system. Imagine a whole home system that can play different songs in every room, wirelessly stream audio and uses a simple app for control. Push a button to link a speaker and begin streaming music from your phone, computer or your favorite music service.

What Do I Need To Get Started?
  • WiFi router
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • 1 or more MusicCast speakers or receiver
What Audio Can I Stream?
  • Music from your smartphone or tablet
  • Streaming services
  • Internet Radio
  • Music from computers
  • TV audio
  • CD, DVD or Blu Ray audio
  • Music on USB drives
What Streaming Services Are Available?
How Easy Is Setup?
After downloading the free control app for iPhone or Android, users can add up to 10 different speakers or receivers in the “settings” section of the app. Simply hold down the connect button on your new speaker or receiver for 3 seconds and they will be added to the app.
What MusicCast Speakers Are Available?
Yamaha WX030-MusicCast-Speakera
Yamaha offers a variety of speakers that will work for any room of your home. Whether you need a smaller table top speaker, wall mounted speaker or soundbar, MusicCast speakers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. If you already have a favorite pair of speakers and wish to connect them to your whole home system, simply purchase a MusicCast stereo or AV receiver and they’ll be linked to all your streaming content.
Benefits Of Adding A MusicCast Receiver

If you’re building a home theater system or already have one, adding a MusicCast compatible receiver to your existing AV equipment is a huge advantage. Imagine using your carefully selected surround sound system to stream content from your phone or tablet and linking the system to the rest of your home. Experience seamless audio room-to-room including your main theater room or watch a movie while the rest of the house rocks out.

With a connected receiver, you can also stream TV sound to the rest of the house effortlessly. Image feeding the audio from the big game to the kitchen or patio so all your guests can keep tabs on what’s happening while they mingle or get snacks.

In addition to TV sound, compatible Yamaha receivers can also allow you to stream analog audio components to any connected room as well. Now you can listen to your favorite turntable album in any connected room with the help of your MusicCast receiver.

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  • Expanding the system is easy. Start with 1 room and expand up to 10 locations inside your home.
  • Bluetooth streaming goes both ways. This means you can stream media from your smartphone/tablet to the compatible Yamaha speaker/receiver or you can stream media from your MusicCast Speaker to wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  • Sync all the rooms in your house to listen to the same music or each room can listen to something different
  • MusicCast devices can use WiFi or will also accept a wired Ethernet option.
  • Connecting a turntable, tape deck or any other analog device is possible by plugging into a MusicCast receiver.
  • High Res audio formats are supported.
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