Monster Essentials 410 4-Outlet Surge Protector - Black

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Product Highlights

    Monster® Power Protects your Home and Family
    Power surges can be serious. The possibility exists that you could lose your home theater system, computers, games systems or even your home. Standard surge protecters account for 37% of all home electrical fires. Keep your electronics protected from storms and surges with Monster Power. This 4 outlet surge protector t protects more than just your electronics, but also your home and family.

Details from Monster

    What exactly is a Power Surge?
    A power surge is a brief spike in your power or TV cable line usually caused by thunderstorms, changes in the power load from appliances going on and off, or issues arising from your local utility company or power provider.

    What, me worry?
    You've made a financial commitment in your home entertainment system, not to mention to your home. Either one or even both can be wiped out in a single moment. At a minimum, a surge can reduce the lifespan of your electronic equipment. Sending a sudden jolt of electricity, it can easily short out––destroying all in the process.

    Better Sound and Picture too?
    The power in your home is subject to interference or noise that can be seen and heard on your system. Monster surge protectors include Clean Power® technology to help maintain your components perform at their optimal levels.


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