Monster Cable MusicConnect 2.13m (7 ft.) Portable Player to Stereo Cable


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Monster Cable

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Details from Monster Cable

    The Monster MusicConnect Lightweight, Compact Cable Design Complements Your Portable Audio Player
    Just plug the mini stereo end of the Monster MusicConnect Portable Audio Player Cable into the mini headphone jack of your portable audio device. Then plug the RCA end of the cable into a TV, stereo or AV receiver. The MusicConnect is the easiest way to listen to your portable audio on a bigger system.

    Monster Makes it Easy to Share Your Portable Tunes with Your Friends
    Visiting a friend`s house, at a party or in the comfort of your own home - take a break from your headphones and share your tunes with friends in full stereo sound. With MusicConnect, just plug it in, press play, and let the party go on.

    Connection Instructions:
    1. Take the 3.5mm jack and plug into the headphone jack of an iPod or other portable MP3 player.
    2. Plug the red and blue RCA`s into the AUX inputs on the receiver. Match the Red RCA to the Red post and Blue RCA to the white post on the back of the receiver.
    3. Select the AUX input on your receiver. You can use any audio input on the back of the receiver that is not currently being used by a different device except Phono. Because this cable uses the headphone jack you will want to make sure that the volume is turned up on the iPod.
    4. Set the EQ to off otherwise you may have a conflict with whatever EQ settings that you have on your receiver.


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