Monster Cable ISF 2000HD HDMI 35ft (10.66m) HyperSpeed w/Redmere

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Monster Cable

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Details from Monster Cable

    The only cable that tells you when you're getting a true high definition video experience.
    New technologies such as 4K capability in displays and Blu–ray players put new demands on cables. One of the key and breakthrough benefits of Monster's new ISF cables is that they finally solve one of the most pressing issues in today's HDMI universe, namely, making 100% sure that the HDTV content from sources such as Blu–ray players and satellite receivers is actually being sent over the HDMI cable properly to your HDTV. Thanks to the new "smart" ISF cables, as soon as you connect your devices you can see immediately whether or not the signal is being conveyed in standard definition, high definition or in the newest 4K resolution –– eliminating guesswork when connecting set top boxes and other hard–to–use sources quick and hassle free. This breakthrough capability is ideal for consumers and professional custom integrators alike.

    Monster's HDMI Performance Indicators Ensure Total Peace of Mind
    Monster's ISF cables open up an exciting new category in advanced connectivity, providing home entertainment enthusiasts with a new level of confidence and peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that they are always getting the very best out of their systems. Notably, in addition to their super–fast speeds, The ISF 2000 cables feature Monster's onboard HDMI Performance Indicators– made possible by technology developed by RedMere. This new application of RedMere technology provides visual indicator of the video format up to and including 4K resolution making it easier than ever before for consumers and installers to correctly set up TV displays and source components for maximum performance. This ensures that viewers always enjoy the richest blacks, most natural colors and contrast, and the absolute sharpest pictures.

    The best guarantees in the known universe.
    The ISF cable you buy today will handle whatever technology comes along or Monster will replace it. Forever. This is the Monster Cable for Life Guarantee –– the only one of its kind in the industry. It's a lifetime of protection against obsolescence. And the Live Forever Full Lifetime Warranty assures you that if an ISF cable ever breaks Monster will replace it. No questions asked.

    8–16 bit color? 480/640Hz display? 3D gaming Bring 'em on!
    Pixels in the millions, hyper–fast refresh rates and 8–16–bit colors challenge current cables. ISF certified at 21 Gbps, the ISF 2000 provides the clearest, fastest and most error–free signal path possible. ISF cables will always provide immersive, fluid video and sound to the limits of your system.

    V–Grip™ Connectors for real life cable uses.
    Many HDMI cables can easily become disconnected when cleaning around components or if the TV is on an articulating mount. Monster's exclusive V–Grip connector increases the retention force of the HDMI cable for a much more reliable connection. Roll over the graphic to learn more about Monster's ISF 2000 cable.

    Performance indicator LED tells you if you're getting SD, HD or full 4k.

    • V–Grip connector increases retention force for a reliable connection.
    • 24k gold contacts deliver stunning sound and picture year after year. Tested to withstand 10,000 insertions
    • RedMere Equalization technology provides high–definition performance in a sleek form factor.
    • Precise conductor length is critical in assuring lifelike HD. Monster wire terminations ensure ultra–precise signal timing and accuracy
    • High–density triple layer shielding use 100% aluminized Mylar® foil and copper braid metal–to–metal shielding for optimal noise and interference rejection.
    • Duraflex protective jacket extends cable life.
    • Metal strain relief collars are tested to withstand over 4000 extreme bends.


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