Monster Cable HTPS 7000 MKII Signature Series Pure Power Transformer

Monster Cable

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Details & Highlights

Details from Monster Cable

    Improving Monsterous(TM) Power Perfection
    Hot on the heels of the most successful power products launch in the history of home theater, Noel Lee, The Head Monster, announces the ultimate refinement in power conditioning.

    A Bold New Look for Performance Power!
    New True Blue LED readouts offer a bold new look to signature power. The signature power products are way over the top, says The Head Monster.

    The top-of-the-line Signature HTPS 7000 MKII power conditioner combines the world`s finest filter circuitry designed by Richard Marsh, uses triple shielded transformers with uniquely switchable balanced or isolated settings that will subdue any noise or ground loop you can throw at it!

    Plus we use new heavy-duty, double shielded PowerLine 400 power cable and ultra-sophisticated power protection that automatically resets for trouble-free use.

    Signed Personally by The Head Monster, the Signature Series is Noel Lee`s own personal statement on the superior look and performance of the Monster Power.

    Without Clean, Balanced Power, Your Home Theater System Can`t Deliver Peak Performance
    The current that comes from your wall outlets is inherently imbalanced, causing high-frequency oscillations that get picked up by your sensitive home theater system in the form of performance-robbing hum, buzz, and static. And while filtering radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference can remove much of the hum, buzz, and static from your system, only a power center with perfectly balanced power can fully remove interference for the best possible picture and sound from your home theater system.

    Monster Home Theater Power Source Signature HTPS 7000 MKII Provides Balanced Power and Ultimate Power Conditioning for the Best Possible Home Theater Performance
    HTPS 7000 MKII employs cutting-edge technology to perform the difficult task of balancing the power used by your home theater system. Equipped with unique twin isolation transformers, HTPS 7000 MKII refines and matches the current from your wall outlet for a perfect balance between the negative and positive current flowing to and from your home Theater components. The result is a virtually complete elimination of power line oscillations and the hum, buzz, and static they cause. With HTPS 7000 MKII as an integral part of your home theater system, your audio components will perform with stunning clarity, significantly expanded frequency response, and powerfully precise imaging, while your video components will deliver clearer, sharper images, brilliant colors, and a static-free picture.

    HTPS 7000 MKII is equipped with Monster Power Clean Power(TM) Stage 5 v.2.0 circuitry. Clean Power Stage 5 v.2.0 uses five ultra-advanced isolated filters to provide further rejection of the electromechanical and radio frequency interference present in your AC power lines, as well as your home Theater components. These include two digital filters, analog audio and video filters, and a high-current audio filter. By using optimized filters for each application, HTPS 7000 MKII is able to minimize the types of interference that affect each individual application for ultimate interference rejection.

    Microprocessor-Controlled Sequenced Switching and High-Capacity Surge Protection Ensure Ultimate Safety for Your Expensive Home Theater System Components
    HTPS 7000 MKII features intelligent microprocessor-controlled turn-on sequencing to protect your components from damage that may occur when components are powered on in an incorrect sequence. And unlike many other power centers which require switch programming to be done from the rear, HTPS 7000 MKII allows switching to be performed through its front panel for ultimate convenience.

    HTPS 7000 MKII also provides superior surge/spike protection for your home theater system with a surge/spike capacity of 7200 joules, the highest capacity currently available to consumers. In addition to 12 surge-protected AC outlets, HTPS 7000 MKII has surge-protected coaxial connectors for protection from cable or satellite TV surges, and RJ11/RJ45 combo phone line/network (Ethernet) surge protected connectors. HTPS 7000 MKII offers a $750,000 connected equipment warranty for repair or replacement of connected components damaged from surges and spikes that occur when they are properly connected to HTPS 7000 MKII.

    Enjoy Monsterous(TM) Home Theater Performance
    When you want the highest levels of performance, protection, and power conditioning for your home theater system, there is only one choice: Monster Power`s Home Theater Power Source HTPS 7000 MKII.


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