Monster Cable HDP 850G GreenPower PowerCenter

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Monster Cable

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    The '850G protects your gear from surges and spikes, thanks to Dual Mode Plusa?? circuitry.

Details from Monster Cable

    Keeps All Your AV Equipment Safe with Advanced Dual Mode Plus™Surge Protection
    Common surges and spikes can easily damage or destroy the delicate circuitry in your AV equipment. The HDP 850G PowerCenter™ provides the advanced protection you need to keep all your valuable equipment protected against even the most powerful surges. Exclusive Dual Mode Plus automatically disconnects to isolate your equipment from harmful surges and spikes. It also sounds an alarm to let you know that the PowerCenter has protected your electronics from dangerous power conditions.

    Complete Protection for All Connections
    All of a component`s inputs and outlets need to be protected, or the entire system will be vulnerable. Dangerous surges and spikes can travel on your coax connections to damage your AV equipment. The Monster HDP 850G features comprehensive protection with coax connections for cable, satellite or antenna protection to keep all your connected equipment safe.

    Electrical Noise and Interference Can Reduce the Lifespan of Your AV Electronics
    Your home`s electricity is full of noise and interference caused by all of your appliances and electronics: cell phones, computers, even your lights, all contribute to the problem. This "dirty power" stresses the delicate digital circuitry inside HDTVs and other home theater equipment, reducing their performance and potentially shortening their lives. However, ordinary surge protectors can`t remove the effects of dirty power.

    Patented HD Clean Power® Removes Noise and Interference to Protect Your AV Equipment and Maximize Performance
    The HDP 850G features patented HD Clean Power filtering that is precision-engineered to remove electrical noise and interference. This protects the delicate circuitry inside your HDTV and other electronics from unnecessary wear. HD Clean Power maximizes your equipment`s lifespan and ensures the best possible picture and sound performance.

    Automatically Save Money and Reduce Energy Waste with Monster GreenPower™
    Your DVD player, HDTV and other electronics continue to use power even after you`ve turned them off, wasting energy in stand-by mode. Monster GreenPower™ eliminates energy waste and saves money by automatically switching off outlets.

    Simply plug your TV or AV receiver into the 850G`s GreenPower Control outlet and plug your other AV equipment into the GreenPower switched outlets.

    Whenever you turn off your HDTV or AV receiver, the GreenPower switched outlets automatically switch off to eliminate unnecessary electricity waste by your DVD player, subwoofer and other equipment. When you turn your HDTV back on, the GreenPower outlets automatically switch on again so the rest of your equipment is powered up and ready to use.

    Even better, GreenPower automatic outlet switching makes it easy and convenient to save energy and money without having to manually switch off individual components.

    Powerline™ Network Compatible
    Powerline Communication, also known as HomePlug®, is a revolutionary home network system that works on your home`s existing electrical wiring. Ordinary surge protectors can block PLC signals, but the Monster HDP 850G is engineered to allow full-speed PLC network communications.


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