Monster Cable HDP 1400G GreenPower High Definition PowerCenter

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Monster Cable

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Details from Monster Cable

    Stop Stand-by Mode Energy Waste to Save Money and Save the Earth
    Your home theater equipment continues to consume energy even after you've turned it off. HDTVs, DVD/ Blu-ray™ players, receivers, subwoofers, and more go into sleep or stand-by mode when turned off, and continue to draw power when they're not in use. The HDP 1400G features Monster GreenPower™ RF Remote Controlled outlets that can easily be turned off with an included remote control, helping you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Keep Your Valuable Home Theater Equipment Safe From Dangerous Surges and Spikes with Advanced Monster T2™ and Tri-Mode® Power Protection
    Monster`s exclusive T2 automatically disconnects the PowerCenter itself and your equipment from both live power lines (line and neutral), and reconnects ONLY when power levels are safe. Unlike other surge protectors, T2 will NOT sacrifice itself when a potentially damaging power overload hits, and keeps on protecting with no reduction in performance. For added protection against more powerful overloads, Monster Tri-Mode automatically disconnects your equipment and sounds an alarm.

    Patented HD Clean Power Removes Noise and Interference to Maximize AV Performance and Reduce Wear to Digital Circuitry
    Your home's electricity is full of noise and interference caused by all of your appliances and electronics. This "dirty power" stresses the delicate digital circuitry inside AV components, reducing performance and potentially shortening their lives. However, ordinary surge protectors can't remove the effects of dirty power. The HDP 1400G features patented HD Clean Power filtering to remove electrical noise and interference. HD Clean Power maximizes your equipment's lifespan and ensures the best possible picture and sound performance.

    More Monsterous™ Features
    Surge protected coax, phone, and network are included for complete protection on all lines. The HDP 1400G also includes voltage and wattage LED meters that allow you to monitor power conditions. The HDP 1400G is also PLC (power line communication) compatible for creating a high-speed network over existing home wiring. Ordinary surge protectors can block PLC, but the Monster HDP 1400G is engineered to allow full-speed PLC network communications. Other convenient features include color-coded outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup and a flexible, extra-long 8ft PowerLine® power cord.

    Our Monsterous Guarantee
    We`re Monsterously confident about the HDP 1400G`s advanced power protection, which is why we`ll replace up to $500,000 worth of your equipment if it`s damaged by power conditions. With Monster Power on your side, you`ll have the extra peace of mind that your valuable home theater equipment is covered.


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