Monster Cable DX PLN 2002 POWERNET 200 with Clean Power (Starter Pack)

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The Monster® PowerNet™ 200 Starter Pack gives you a high speed Ethernet connection from any wall outlet. It instantly turns your home's electrical wiring into a high-speed Ethernet network that's more reliable and faster than WiFi. The PowerNet 200 also features PLC Clean Power® noise filtering that improves network speed compared to other PLC devices.

Details from Monster Cable

    Today's Electronics Need a High Speed Ethernet Connection
    Ethernet isn't just for computers anymore. Many of your AV electronics, like Blu-ray Disc™ players, TiVo® , and video game consoles feature high speed Ethernet ports to connect to the internet to download movies and music or stream video and music from your computer, or media server. But most times, there isn't an Ethernet connection where you need it. You could connect wirelessly, but WiFi can be unreliable, difficult to set up, and can't deliver the speed you need to play multiplayer action games or stream HD video, especially over long distances.

    High Speed Ethernet From Any Wall Outlet
    The Monster PowerNet™ 200 brings a high speed Ethernet connection to any room in your home. It instantly turns your home's existing electrical wiring into a high speed whole-home network. You can get blazing fast speeds up to 200 Mbps* for multiple connections to the internet or streaming high definition audio and video. It's also incredibly easy to set up a?? simply plug in two PowerNet devices and they automatically connect to each other. You can add even more network connections in more rooms of your home with the PowerNet 200 Expansion Module, available separately.

    Faster and More Reliable than Wireless Networks
    The Monster PowerNet 200 is the ideal solution for streaming HD movies and multiplayer action games that demand a high speed connection with reduced lag time. Wireless (WiFi) can keep you waiting when you want to quickly download a movie, and it is often too slow to play online action games or to stream an HD movie to another room in your home. WiFi can pick up interference from other wireless networks, and it can also have dramatic drops in speed over long distances because wall, floors, and doors can severely degrade wireless signal strength.

    Exclusive Monster PLC Clean Power® Filtering Cleans the Power to Increase the Speed
    The Monster PowerNet 200 maintains high speeds to even the most remote rooms of your home with PLC Clean Power filtering to reduce noise and interference on your electrical lines caused by appliances and other electronics. This not only improves network speed, it lets the PowerNet 200 work where other power line communication products won't. The Monster PowerNet 200 is the easy, fast solution for high speed networking and internet access virtually anywhere in your home.

    *Data transfer rates may vary according to electrical line conditions and will not exceed the capabilities of connected devices.


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