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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    For use with any spool fed printer, each 250 foot spool of 3D Ink® PLA filament will print dozens of parts with a barely detectible honey-like aroma. A new and improved formula for better bonding and consistent extrusions, it's time to add color to your 3D printer designs with 3D Ink™ PLA filament. The standard choice for most users, 3D Ink™ PLA excels at highly detailed prints, is bio–degradable (safe for the environment) and made from renewable resources like corn starch. Available in a broad selection of stunning, eye–popping colors, White Pearl 3D Ink™ PLA filament is a light shade of gray that's perfect for any project or prototype.

Details from M3D

    White Pearl PLA Filament 3D Ink

    These spools are designed to fit under The Micro print–bed and work with any spool fed printer. Mix and match as many as you'd like for a variety of colorful prints. Each spool contains 250 feet or approximately 1/2 lb (225g) of plastic. You can print dozens of parts with one spool.

    New And Improved Formula

    3D Ink (PLA) is the perfect material for highly detailed prints and is the goto material for most users. 3D Ink is made from PLA, a bio–degradable plastic which is safe for the environment because it can be made from renewable resources such as corn starch. PLA plastic has a faint honey–like odor (if any) and comes in a wide selection of colors.


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    Manufacturer Specs
  • Color: White Pearl
  • Length: 250 ft
  • Weight: TBD
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