Jays aJAYS Five Headphones - Black In-Ear Buds w/Windows 3-Button Mic


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Details from JAYS

    Great ergonomics
    The a–JAYS Five may look like simple earphones. We guarantee you they're not. The form of the earphones is made in one piece and with complex geometry to follow the same complex geometry your ears have. Being made in one piece makes the earphones durable and strong. The angled form factor makes them fit comfortably as they follow your ear canal. The soft outer body makes them flexible, following your movements and preventing cable stress. Actually, you will barely notice you are wearing them.

    Made for Windows phones
    The a–JAYS Five for Windows are made to match your Windows phone or tablet and let you enjoy and get as much out of them as possible. The three–button remote is designed to match your Windows phone perfectly and provide you with full control of all the Windows features such as answer/hang up calls, play/pause, skip songs, change volume up/down and voice control, etc. We are therefore proud to mark this product as "Made for Windows."

    Full feature remote
    Our a–JAYS Five for Windows is not only one of the world's first Windows dedicated full–feature earphones, the remote on the a–JAYS Five for Windows is also amazingly thin, extremely solid and very comfortable to use. You never need to look for any button as it comes with JAYS SMART–feel convex/concave buttons for perfect grip and feel. Full functionality as it should be.

    MEMS Technology
    a–JAYS Five for iOS houses the latest top–of–the–line, 360 degree, high–performance, low power, top–port silicon microphone for perfect speech quality. Using a high performance MEMS technology, the microphone consists of an acoustic sensor, a low noise input buffer, and an output amplifier. The built–in echo cancellation makes the audio perfect in nearly all situations. It reduces surrounding noise and, best of all, unlike many other microphones, this one won't degrade during time as it recharges the mic–magnets each time you connect your earphones to your iPhone.

    Improving flat, tangle free cables
    Our beloved flat, tangle–free cables and a–JAYS Series has since the launch in 2010 been getting tons of awards and reviews during the years. We managed to improve the cables and plugs even further on the a–JAYS Five in order to pass our toughest reliability tests ever set up.

    Custom driver
    Inside the earphones we assembled a completely new custom driver. It has the characteristics of our multi–awarded and popular a–JAYS Four driver, with powerful and precise bass but with even more dynamics and improved details in the midrange and highs. Whatever music you like to listen to, you can be sure the a–JAYS Five will give you an addictive experience.


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