Internet Ready TVs

Internet Ready TVs Internet enabled television is the next big thing in home entertainment technology, and will surely become an essential method of integrating your internet needs with your daily routine. With the ability to navigate web pages through regular HDTV and plasma flat screens , your shopping, news and entertainment can finally be all integrated into one source. The idea behind this is that it's a good deal more efficient to only have to check one screen as opposed to many, and there's no reason not to use the biggest, nicest one you've got.

While internet TV exists in its prototype stages today, there is as yet no industry standard. Xbox Live allows access to partial versions of the internet, with online competition and chatting, as do other game consoles that accommodate wireless keyboards, such as Nintendo's Wii. You can take advantage of the high definition cables we carry to use your console as an internet portal with the best displays.
Amazon via TiVo and other set top box services allow you to easily download videos and movies via your high speed internet or cable TV connection, which may be analogous. TV sets with widgets, special internet software programs, make it easy to use your remote for browsing, and many of these sets ship already enabled for services like Netflix. Video on demand internet services are also available on some gaming systems. Additionally, streaming media consoles like Apple TV enable internet access, and were formerly the best option for those who simply want to make their TV into a more encompassing media station. Recent models of HDTV can stream content using direct ethernet or wireless connections free of charge, making it easy to get connected right away at any price range.