Image Quality

Megapixels and Resolution

As a baseline rule, the more megapixels, the higher the maximum resolution. If you require a sharp photograph and a large print size, you'll want to look for a camera with a high megapixel count, but you'll also need memory. Often your digital camera will offer several resolution settings so you can move to a lower resolution when you're looking to take a lot of photos, but don't necessarily need a high resolution for sharp or large prints.

If you want to be sure your camera will offer you a minimum amount of resolution for various print sizes, consult the table below for camera specification guidelines and appropriate resolutions.

Type of Image

 Minimum Resolution

 Camera Specification

 web images

 640 x 480

 1-megapixel camera and up

 5" x 7"

 2048 x 1536

3-megapixel cameras and up 

 8" x 10"

2272 x 1704 

4-megapixel camera and up 

 16" x 20"

 3072 x 2048

6-megapixel cameras and up