HTiB (Home Theater in a Box) Buying Guide

Engineered for compatibility, HTiB bundles are designed to plug and play.!

Home Theaters fall flat without a Subwoofer!
Open the box. You’ll find everything you need to turn your favorite space into a surround sound home theatre (except the TV). Offering substantial savings over buying individual components, HTiB bundles are packaged by many major brands. As a starter-package, HTiB’s can be an amazing deal.
Our guide will help you understand and navigate the broad selection of systems, speaker options and features. Still have questions? Chat or call the experts at OneCall. We can help you refine your selection to get the perfect sized system for you space and entertainment needs.

What is HTiB?

Home-Theatre in a Box, HTiB combines all of your home theatre needs in a single integrated package.
Offered by manufacturers, these engineered systems are ready to rock. They offer great value, in an a plug and play sound system. Many systems include a universal remote, putting your home theater experience in the palm of your hand. Plug in your TV, add a game console, Blu-Ray, turntable, and iPod and the world of entertainment is at your command.

So Many Options!

HTiB’s are available in multiple configurations, with a variety of features.
  • 7.1-Channel: 7 speakers, subwoofer & receiver
  • 5.1-Channel: 5 speakers, subwoofer & receiver
  • 3.1-Channel: 3 speakers, subwoofer & receiver
  • 2.1-Channel: 2 speakers, subwoofer & receiver
Sound systems are compatible with top formats like Dolby and THX.

Customize your Home Theater

HTiBs offer high-end quality, in simple to set-up systems. From your Blu-Ray to your iPad, you can plug almost any device through these systems for great surround sound.
The beauty of HTiBs is they are designed for versatility. When you are ready to upgrade components, simply replace speakers, the receiver, or the subwoofer. Input and output plugs are mostly universal, letting you integrate individual components with your HTiB to enhance the sound experience.

HTiB Brands

HTiB’s are available from most of the major electronic companies, including: Bose, Onkyo, SONY, Panasonic, Pioneer, LG, Samsung, Yamaha and may more!

What’s in the box?

An example of a standard 5.1 surround sound H.T.I.B would include the following:
  • A center-channel speaker: The center-channel speaker produces the most important soundtrack audio. Place it above or below your television screen, in line with the best seat in the house. Sound should create the illusion of coming out of the TV.
  • Left and right front speakers: Front speakers create the front wall of sound, expanding audio out on either side of the primary action on your TV screen. Floor-standing, bookshelf, or smaller satellite front speakers should be placed equal distances on either side from the TV, facing the primary listening position.
  • Left and right satellite surround speakers: Surround speakers work with the front speakers for an all-encompassing sound for the listener. Place surround speakers slightly behind and at equal distances to the left and right of the primary listening spot in a room.
  • A subwoofer: The .1 in a surround sound system stands for subwoofer. A subwoofer delivers the bass and boom in the sound. Try the subwoofer in different locations for different effects. Try it behind your listenting postion, or in the middle of the room for an in-the-action experience.
  • An A/V receiver: The heart of your home theater entertainment system is the A/V receiver. Incorporating preamplifier, amplifier, turner and control center, the receiver is the power delivering surround sound tracks from your Blu-Ray, HDTV, or other multichannel audio sources through your speaker system.
But wait, there’s even…
Color-coded cables and set-up instructions: The best part of your new HTiB system is that they are plug and play. Easy instructions and color coded cables make set-up as easy as plug in, sit down, and turn it up!